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Christopher Nolan Might Not Return to the Bat-Cave!

By: Kryptonian Detective

Hectic schedules and pod-cast issues have kept everyone involved with the website away for far too long.  My first article back was intended to be an updated Smallville retrospective, however the following rumblings take precedence.  After watching The Dark Knight, and given its mammoth performance at the box office a sequel appeared to be just a matter of time.  That is still very much the case. Warner Brothers will most definitely make another Batman film.  The question is will director Christopher Nolan make another Batman film?


Sources for the venerable websites Batman on Film have heard industry chatter that suggests that the directors return is not a foregone conclusion.  The key contributing factors to the potential end to Chris Nolan’s tenure with the franchise is the tragic death of Heath Ledger.  This apparently took a tremendous toll on the director. So much so, that Nolan believed that The Dark Knight was his last foray into the Batman universe.  Furthermore, the Joker was supposed to return in the next Batman film, but with this no longer a possibility, there is currently no story for the following installment.  However, these same sources indicate that Christopher Nolan has been discussing story ideas with the writing team, but the earliest we’d see a third Christopher Nolan Batman film is 2012 or 2013.


If Christopher Nolan does not return to make another Batman film, then I’d like to thank him for bringing respect and dignity back to one of my favourite characters of all time.  You’ve given fans the best two cinematic Batman adventures.  Warner Brothers apparently has a list of directors they’d like to take over the franchise as a contingency plan.  A word of caution, choose wisely Warner Brothers, because the last time you swapped directors in the middle of a franchise, fans were tortured with rubber nipples, homosexual subtext, and far too much neon for the retina to endure!

(Source: Batman-on-Film)

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