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By: Kryptonian Detective

Zack Snyder

The search is over, and the shortlist has been narrowed down to one.  Producer Christopher Nolan and Warner Brothers have chosen Zack Snyder to direct Superman’s next adventure on the big screen. Each candidate on said short list was qualified to direct the film, but Snyder’s credentials within the genre greatly surpass the other candidates. 300 and Watchmen were comic book adaptations in the truest sense of the word.  Since it is not known whether The Man of Steel is a direct adaptation of a particular storyline, one cannot guarantee that the film will be a direct transplant of page to screen.  However, one can be sure that Snyder will reference the comics visually as much as he can given his past endeavors. Snyder should have no problem delivering on what was lacking in Superman Returns….action.  With Snyder’s visual style and ‘Team Batman’ (Nolan & David Goyer) responsible for the story, this could be something really special, the likes of which Superman fans haven’t seen in 32 years.

For a guy who just got the job Zack Snyder sure has had plenty to say about the project. The filmmaker seems to be anticipating his next job.  He told MTV that “I’m really excited, and I feel like it’s an amazing opportunity.” As to why he was given this opportunity, Snyder speculates that it is because “they know I have a fondness for the character and a real desire to understand him and present him to a new audience.” While he didn’t reveal any story details, Snyder told USA Today that, “other superheroes, mainly male, have gotten to evolve over the years. Batman, the X-Men. But I think the first (Superman) movies were so well done, he kind of got stuck. I think our challenge is to bring him to a modern audience that’s still respectful of the character.”  One comment from Snyder that should reassure fans that this film will not simply rehash the Donner franchise a la Bryan Singer is the following statement made to Entertainment Weekly. “Think of where Batman was when Chris took that on earlier in the decade. I think Superman is in a very similar place, in terms of being available and in terms of his relationship to where the culture was at that time. Superman is right there. He’s ready.”

Websites are circulating a rumour that General Zod is the main villain in the film, but that has yet to be confirmed.  I am a big fan of General Zod, and fans that are worried that the inclusion of Zod means a rehash of the past shouldn’t be. All of Snyder’s quotes suggest exactly the opposite. There is more to Zod then just the film version, all one needs to do is look to the source material.  Besides, Nolan re-used the Joker and Two – Face in his renewed take on Batman, and look how that turned out. Zack Snyder’s latest film, Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole is in theatres now. Snyder will start work on the Superman film once he finishes post production on Sucker Punch, due in theatres in March.  The Man of Steel is targeting a December 2012 release date.


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