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Comic Book Review: Green Lantern #2

By: Matthew Rapier

Everything you know about Green Lantern hasn’t changed. If you’ve been following this corner of the DC Universe since the popular Rebirth storyline in 2004-2005, then you know Geoff Johns has been building a constant story with layers on top of layers. I can certainly understand how this would shy people away from trying these books as I have a hard time jumping into the X-Men franchise wondering where I would even begin. With the release of the new #1’s last month, Green Lantern took a different direction than we’ve seen lately with Sinestro part of the GL Corps again and Hal Jordan back on Earth without his ring. While there is the continuity still in place for long time fans like me, this relaunch does allow new fans to come in with a fresh story to begin with.


Picking up exactly where issue #1 left off, Sinestro gives Hal a hard time about never using the ring for its true intent by improving the universe. He creates a ring from his will power and gives it to Hal giving him another chance to prove his worth to the Corps. Hal tries to use the ring on Sinestro, but it fails because only what he authorizes is allowed to take place.


Hal rushes off from the situation when hearing a bundle of ambulance sirens. A bridge has been demolished with cars on the edge and people in danger of falling into the water below. He saves a woman, but Sinestro shuts the ring off and tells Jordan he needs to watch and learn a lesson that those people rely on a costumed hero to save them when there is the ability to do so much more throughout the universe.


Gorgor of the Sinestro Corps emerges from the water below, being revealed as the cause of the damage to the bridge. Gorgor has come to Earth to punish Sinestro for betraying the yellow light of fear. The beast claims that whoever kills Sinestro takes his place and is quick to learn that a code of conduct was created for this Corps. Sinestro rips through Gorgor and tells Hal he is going to help him destroy his own Corps for their enslaving of his home world Korugar.


I really enjoyed the first issue with Hal being shown back on Earth and finally dealing with the problems he had been ignoring out in space. This issue is back to form with the banter between Sinestro and Hal as a lesson is attempted to be enforced ending in some chaotic action sequence. Johns knows this world so well and it shows. I think Doug Mahnke has improved on his already fantastic artwork from the previous issue. Everything is clean and the backgrounds are well detailed. I really like his rendition of Gorgor, a monster that is horrific to look at with no sort of typical form other than a hulking mass of deep-sea fear. It’s no surprise that Green Lantern still continues to be a quality book with the relaunch

Overall Grade:9/10



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