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Comic Book Review: Green Lantern Corps #2

By: Matthew Rapier

Green Lantern Corps #2 picks up right where issue #1 left off. The Corps members stand on Nerro, a dried out world which was once a flourishing sea, trying to figure out why this particular threat has taken the ring fingers of their dead brethren. Isamot Kol is especially upset with the situation because he was a recruit with the deceased Lanterns. The rings pick up a signature of energy and the team flies off in search of the enemy.

In an unnamed location, the being that amputated the fingers brings them to his master. The stolen water from Nerro is then dispersed across the barren land and the leader mentions how he’s missed the sound of the sea. The happy moment is interrupted by a problem on a planet called Xabas. The planet is full of trees weaving in amongst the cityscape with squirrel like creatures.

As the trees are being sucked into a blue energy portal, the Corps arrives and attempts to smother the problem. The solution seems to be blowing up the portal, but their constructs are broken apart by The Keepers, a group of soldier-ninja’s working for the mysterious villain, carrying swords made of green energy. The constructs created from the members seem to have no luck and Isamot Kol flies in closer to the portal to blow it up as planned. Isamot find himself alone in a black surrounding with slicing noises all around him.

Back on Xabas, it’s revealed that the trees weren’t the prize to be taken. The planet produces a chemical that allows a livable atmosphere to its habitants. With mention of bringing the apprehended back to Oa, Isamot Kol is thrown back through the portal with his arms and legs severed from his body. Following him is the entire army of The Keepers.

Green Lantern Corps stays at the top of my list for all the Lantern books. The threats feel real, the action is intense, and a mystery still remains as to what this new villain is up to exactly. It seems he is trying to bring elements from various planets onto this barren location so he can be ruler of a world. I find myself worried for what might happen to Isamot Kol. Even though he can regenerate his limbs this seems a bit much to recuperate from and I really hope they’re not getting rid of him. Peter J. Tomasi is on top of his game here, throwing it all out there to bring you back for the next issue. Fernando Pasarin is slowly becoming my favorite artist that’s worked on the Corps. He takes time to fill out the backgrounds without being overly detailed. The colors are big and bright and in your face which is a treat to look at while reading. If you want only one Green Lantern book on your list, this is it.

Overall Grade: 9.5/10



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