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Comic Book Review: Justice League #2

By: Mark Cormier

I have to admit that I have a personal bias against Justice League #2 right now. It had the unfortunate circumstance of being released on the same week as the video game “Batman: Arkham City”. Justice League #2 may be the second issue in the New 52’s flagship title, which is basically retelling the first meeting of the Justice League. It may be produced by some of the hottest talents in the comic book industry right now (being Geoff Johns and Jim Lee) And featuring some of the most epic action sequences I’ve seen in comic books this year.

And yet, as far I’m concerned right now, it’s just a deterrent from booting up my gaming console and punching criminals in the throat.

All kidding aside, however, it is hard not to enjoy this new comic book series right now. As the flagship of the New 52 series, “Justice League” is setting the tone for the rest of the new DC Universe.

In this issue, we’re getting a lot of super-heroes meeting each other for the first time; so, naturally, as per the laws of comic book reality, a misunderstanding arises, and a super fight occurs. Superman tests his mettle against Batman, Green Lantern and the Flash all at once. This comic book is one spectacular action sequence after another, and who better to illustrate an action-packed story than Geoff Johns and Jim Lee? Every page is a breath-taking moment, and there were times I could actually feel the panels moving in slow motion.

The story implies that Green Lantern and the Flash know each other, and may have worked together in the past. They make no such implication that Superman and Batman have met before, which is a shame, really. They were the true forefathers of super-hero team-ups, and I rather appreciated the shared history between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight from the old DCU.

In between punches, this issue also continues the origin story of Cyborg. How he gets his powers is a unique twist that ties up the story quite nicely, and it does help ingratiate me as a reader to the idea of Cyborg being a founding member of the Justice League. I’m still miffed that Martian Manhunter isn’t included in the new original Magnificent Seven.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to striking fear into the hearts of criminals.

Overall Grade: 8/10 


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