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Comic Book Review: Aquaman #2

By: Mark Cormier

Geoff Johns is two-for-two in his never-ending quest to prove that Aquaman doesn’t suck. Although this issue is not quite as strong as the first one (mainly because it lags behind in character development in favour for plot development), he is still building up a convincing argument for his case.

One of the key strong points about the first issue is that it challenges our misconception of Aquaman being a sub-standard character. It was cheesy and corny, sure, but it was humorous and it generated a couple of snickers. Unfortunately, this issue didn’t bring out those elements.

This issue, the characters get less screen time in favour for the mystery piranha-type sea dwellers. They’re actually pretty scary villains in this story-arc, mostly because of the element of mystery they bring. With Aquaman and Mera oblivious to what they are, we know nothing about them at this point, except for the fact that they have so far only referred to people as “food”. This makes them all the more terrifying.

Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis put their collective talents to good use in this series. Then again, going from past experience, that’s not really any surprise. Together they’ve given us awesome stuff in the past, and it would be a surprise if their final product would be sub-par.

Don’t worry, surface dwellers. Aquaman is cool for yet another issue.

Overall Grade: 8/10


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