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Comic Book Review: Aquaman #3

By: Mark Cormier

I’m feeling out of touch. I’ve been out of the reviewing game for a little while, and I’m feeling kind of rusty. I consider myself lucky, then, that Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis continue to weave gold out of their ongoing Aquaman series. In their ongoing quest to make readers take the king of Atlantis more seriously, they are slowly making a closet Aquaman fan out of me.

This book definitely feels like it’s starting to catch its stride. While the first two issues were full of things that I like and didn’t like, the third issue essentially focused all of its attention on the things that I liked. We’re getting a lot more exposition into Arthur’s back story. Displayed mainly through flashbacks of his youth. We are also introduced to a brand new character, who is a dark part of Aquaman’s past.

Johns also goes back to inserting humor into this issue, having fun with people’s misconception of the Aquaman character. It’s kind of fun to watch Arthur restrainedly fuming over people not taking him seriously. Then again, the way the story’s going, it definitely directs the reader’s sympathies towards the hero.

This series continues to prove itself to be worthwhile picking up. Johns and Reis are definitely up to the challenge of making Aquaman cool again.

Overall Grade: 8.5/10



One comment on “Comic Book Review: Aquaman #3

  1. Good review! Poor Aquaman, I think water-based characters are cool.


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