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Comic Book Review – Green Lantern #4

By: Matthew Rapier

Green Lantern #3 ended with quite a shocking cliffhanger. We were led to believe Hal Jordan had just been disintegrated  by the power of the yellow battery, leaving Sinestro to fend off his own Corps alone. As it was probably suspected by all, Hal wasn’t killed off. Instead the yellow energy attempted to transport him into the antimatter universe without success. The yellow power batter rejected him back onto the surface of Korugar where he was captured and placed in one of the planets holding cells.
Sinestro was also captured by the Corps he once commanded and put through a series of torture as they tried to remove the Green Lantern ring form his finger. Unable to separate him from the ring, the Sinestro Corps placed him in a holding cell as well. Hal Jordan was alone, but Sinestro shared a cell with captives of his home world.
 Sinestro’s attempts at an apology were not welcomed by the Korugarians, as they still blamed him for making the Green Lantern symbol a vision of terror. With no other way to escape the cells, Hal Jordan communicated through the wall with Sinestro to create rings for all of the prisoners to wear and rise up against the yellow Corps. The newly appointed Green Lanterns respond by pointing their rings at Sinestro, ready to fire at him for the injustice caused to the planet.
After an action packed and shocking third issue, things remained pretty calm here. It was more about Sinestro trying to reconcile his mistakes against the people he cares so much for. You could pretty much see it coming that the Korugarians would want to use those rings against Sinestro and for good reason. Hal had a few good quiet moments as well, remembering what Carol said to him at their dinner, and creating a construct of her right before his ring expired.
 Johns handles these quiet moments very well, the personal situations that make you invest into these characters. What can I say about Doug Mahnke’s art other than it is once again fantastic. My only gripe is that two inkers were used and sometimes the lines are thicker, but it’s not bad enough to give it much attention. Green Lantern  in the new DCU remains safe and sound with Johns and Mahnke at the creative table.
Overall Grade: 9/10

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