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Comic Book Review – Nightwing #3

By: Matthew Rapier
Only two issues into his new ongoing and Nightwing has already lost a substantial person from his younger years. Dick Grayson is no stranger to losing the parental figures in his life with his mother and father being killed during their circus act when he was younger. Mr. Haly is the most recent to get murdered, a man Dick looked at in the same sense of a blood Uncle in the family. In attendance at the funeral is Grayson along with the other circus employees and friends Mr. Haly connected with. 
Mr. Haly’s son, Bryan, is not too happy with Dick because his father passed along the circus to him in his dying wishes. After a short drunken rant Bryan calms down and grieves the loss of his father. Later on Dick, in his Nightwing attire, goes out to find Zane, a friend from the circus days who was once known as Feedback. Zane seems to have been contracted by an unknown person to kill Mr. Haly and ruin the circus. As Nightwing confronts him, some interference enters his mind and causes flashbacks of his worst memories. 
Nightwing figures out that Zane is transmitting a high frequency that literally triggers specific emotions. He inverts the signal with a comm transmitter on his suit, but fails to get an answer from Zane regarding who’s the one in control. Elsewhere, Bryan Haly sits with a glass of liquor, revealing he hired Saiko to go after his father and the circus
This story has finally grabbed me the way I expect a good Nightwing arc to do so. There is a lot of emotion going on here with the death of Mr. Haly, Dick reliving his dark memories, and the shocking reveal of who hired Saiko. The scene at the beginning where Dick and his friends are younger talking with Mr. Haly is just enough to make the reader connect with the importance of the character. The art continues to be as strong as it was in the first issue. Eddy Barrows shares art duties this time with Eduardo Pansica, but I really can’t tell when they switch it up so extra points to them for using those two as a team. My favorite part of the whole story has to be the use of Nightwing’s classic costume during Dick’s memories of his parents in their circus uniforms. 
What was a title I thought may eventually be left in the pile to never read has found its footing and is headed in a good direction. The cover to issue #4 has A double Nightwing battle so that one should be interesting. 
Overall Grade: 8/10

One comment on “Comic Book Review – Nightwing #3

  1. Good review. This story line really seems fascinating.


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