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Comic Book Review – The Flash #3

By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Looks like Flash has his hands full as the electromagnetic pulse from last issue creates chaos for the Gem Cities. Among the chaos is a plane falling towards a populated bridge. Flash reflects on his powers and, of all things, coffee just as he’s about to attempt the impossible. In a rather dynamic two-page spread, Flash manages to phase through the floor of the plane and vibrate the whole thing so it and the passengers phase though the bridge. The plane then lands safely in the water below. It’s not a surprise that Flash collapses after the rescue. The scene changes to Dr. Guerrero getting shot by a member of Mob Rule (a group consisting of clones of Barry’s friend Manuel Lago). We’re treated to a flashback on how pig cells helped Manuel become a super soldier and regenerate his hand. Meanwhile, at Iron Heights, Iris West is preparing to defend herself against Captain Cold who has a message for the Flash. Back at Keystone and Central cities, the police prepare for a long night with the crime taking place as a result of the blackout. Surviving that night wasn’t enough for the Central City police as the next day they prepare to help out Keystone. Barry and Patty manage to locate Manuel only to be attacked by Mob Rule. Patty and the real Manuel manage to escape while Barry stays behind to take on the group. Barry’s Flash-sense kicks in which does more harm than good. As Barry sees how he’ll stop the clones, one of them takes aim and fires. The shot hits Barry in the head…

This is why I love comics. This issue is so fast paced visually that it feels like an action movie. The art on the first few pages is jaw dropping. The full and double page spreads are a feast for the eyes! I’m growing to like Francis Manapul’s story and art more with each issue. What a cliffhanger too! That’s one of the things I’ve been enjoying about the new 52 titles. Justice League, Action Comics, and this have all had great endings that make me want the next issue right away. There’s not much else I can say about this issue except that I’m anxious to see Mob Rule’s origin explained in issue #4!

Overall Grade: 9/10


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