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Comic Book Review – Supergirl #4

By: Ginger De Los Rios

I’m going to surprise myself by writing a relatively brief review. Supergirl issue #4 is full of non-stop action as our confused super heroine busts out of her torturous Kryptonite prison chamber and totally totals Mr. Tycho’s space probe. I really feel pity for Supergirl, in her thoughts she leans toward trusting her cousin Kal-El, but she’s not sure of his motives yet.

 Tycho is ruthless and megalomaniacal and he will kill anyone who gets in his way–such as the handsome ‘red shirt’ Jacobs. He is the one with a change of heart and helps Supergirl escape, taking her far away enough from the kryptonite to regain her strength. Poor Jacobs thought that Mr. Tycho was going to help the world, not destroy lives and conquer.

 As Supergirl regains her strength when she gets away from the Kryptonite, she leaves a trail of wounded soldiers who can’t beat her powers. Tycho has another ace up his sleeve and shows her a red crystal that he removed from her pod. Everyone believes it to be a ‘storage’ unit of some sort and Supergirl thinks it contains messages from her parents. She feels it is to be protected at all costs. She is even afraid to show it Superman because he might take it from her.

 Supergirl gets the best of Tycho when she melts the ship’s core unit and escapes and in an explosive plot twist, Tycho…well, let’s just say we haven’t seen the last of him, and I fear he will be more powerful than ever…now that he has managed to get a drop of Supergirl’s Kryptonian blood.


The new Supergirl title is far from boring. The pace whirls along like a roller coaster and when you reach the last page you’re definitely left wanting more. But despite this frantic pace it is not short on plot development. The next issue is about Argo City. Perhaps Supergirl will start learning her true origins.

Overall Grade: 10/10





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