Time For A New Superman Animated Series!

By: Bob Marshall

Not since the year 2000 has Superman had his own solo animated show.  Sure, there’s been Justice League/Justice league Unlimited, Legion of Superheroes and a few guest spots on Batman Beyond, Batman: Brave & the Bold, Young Justice and the DC direct to video animated films, but he hasn’t had his own solo show. Whereas Batman has had Batman the Animated Series, the New Batman Adventures (a continuation of BTAS), The Batman, Batman: Brave & the Bold, and Beware the Batman (coming soon). As a Superman fan it’s frustrating sure Batman is currently DC’s biggest star but Superman is the greatest of all superheroes. I don’t want to sound bitter but it seems Batman has had the breaks that Superman hasn’t. Look at the film series, it took WB so long to reboot Superman that in the end they got it all wrong. Hopefully this will be rectified with the upcoming Man of Steel, which brings me back to my point. With a new film on the horizon now is surely the time to give us a fresh Superman cartoon. Now I’m pretty sure WB will do a series to tie-in, they did the same when Superman Returns came out and sanctioned a Legion of Superheroes (which was unfortunately cancelled as it was hitting its stride). So here are a few ideas as to how they could give us a new Superman cartoon series:


One of the questions I have with a new Superman show would be whether it was hand drawn animation or CGI. Well I would have always said hand drawn every time but then I saw the debut episode of Green Lantern the animated series and I started to come round to the idea of CGI. I was always against CG. as I felt it looked tacky I’d seen certain shows done CGI and they just looked awful but Green Lantern TAS looks superb. However, a lot of Green Lantern’s animation is set in space and I think this certainly helps the CGI, the brief scenes on earth didn’t look nearly as good as when the show was in space but I digress. If the show is good enough you will be sucked into its world whether its CGI or not.


In my opinion nothing will ever top Superman the Animated Series, for me this is the definitive version of Superman. From the excellent origin all the way through to defeat of Darkseid in Legacy, I truly believe there isn’t a bad episode (sure some are just OK but mostly they’re superb). Looking at that series I’d stay away from doing a show similar to that as I feel it can’t be topped. I believe The Batman made this mistake when it tried to be too much like Batman the Animated Series at times.

So other than a straight played Superman show I do have a few ideas for a Superman animated series that I think could work; some I have read on websites from others, some I have thought of myself and some I have gotten from comic book stories. So here they are:

Superman: Crisis on Multiple Earths

After reading Superman Time and Time Again, I had an idea. In the book, Superman is somehow sent hurtling through different time periods where he meets several versions of the Legion, JSA etc. I always thought how good would it be to have a Superman that travels through different dimensions and meets other versions of himself etc. You could have a world where it’s like Superman the Movie, Superboy the TV show, Smallville etc. Plus imagine getting guest stars like Gerard Christopher to reprise roles they haven’t played for years. When I watched Batman: Brave & the Bold, I loved the episode where he met the Batman of Planet X!, voiced by none other than Kevin Conroy. It was a superb way for him to reprise his role without being the main character. On a negative side it could get a little tedious if he keeps meeting other Supermen so you’d have to throw in other characters as well like alternate versions of Batman, Green Lantern etc.

Superman Family Show

Not as corny as I’ve made it sound by that heading, but what about a show that has Superman teaming up with Supergirl, Superboy (probably wouldn’t be allowed as he’s on Young Justice), Krypto, and maybe even characters like Steel and Gangbuster. It’d be interesting to see the Superman family take on Superman’s rogues as a team and would be something that I don’t think has been done before in animation.

DC Comics Presents

This I envision as team up show, call it Superman’s Brave & the Bold where he teams up with a new DC hero every week. Of course it doesn’t have to be a silver age show played for laughs like Batman: Brave & the Bold but just the idea of Superman teaming up with a new hero every week is exciting and would be good for DC to showcase some of their secondary characters. How about a spinoff of the Superman from Brave & the Bold. It’d certainly be fun and I’d be all for it but it might seem too stale after 3 seasons of Batman Brave & the Bold.

Superman Earth One

A show based on J Michael Straczynski’s graphic novel. I think it could work as a serious fresh adaptation of the Superman mythos. Only downside I suppose is there isn’t a lot of material to go on with only the first Graphic Novel out and the second on the way.

Superman in Action

How about a Superman show that is inspired by the New 52. I would love to see the current run on Action Comics adapted into animation and by the time they do a new series there’ll be plenty of New 52 stories todraw from.


In conclusion, I do think we will get a new Superman animated series whether it’s CGI or animation, whether its super serious, super silly or somewhere in the middle. Who knows? I think us Superman fan’s deserve a new animated show, it’s been far too long since Superman had one of his own. And I’d like to see the Man of Steel on his own series instead of being a supporting character or a guest star. So Superman fans those are my ideas, what are some of yours?

10 comments on “Time For A New Superman Animated Series!

  1. I like the ideas! That Time Travel one intrigues me, it would almost be like ‘Sliders’, and the other dimensions can come back and help him too. That is cool.

    I think Batman the Animated the Series is the best of all time, and i resented it so much when they changed his look completely just to match Superman the Animated series. But I eventually warmed up to it. Having Clancy Brown voice Lex Luthor was the best move ever. He’s my favorite out of live action and cartoon! My guess is if they create a new series, it will be like the new 52. Or the movie, if it’s a success.

    I would love to see Superboy dusted off and remade as a cartoon series. It’s been forty odd years for him.


  2. What? No mention of Robb Pratt’s “Superman Classic”?


  3. Cheers Ginge, a Superboy show would rock 🙂

    Rob, well thats for you to come up with I didn’t want to go through hundreds of idea just a handful of ones I liked.


  4. Bob, I think you misunderstand. Robb has already “come up” with “Superm Classic” He directed the episode. I believe it’s on youtube, Correct Robb? Anyways, Bob, you should definately check out Robb’s work. It’s very good, and features a Superman connection from the past 🙂


  5. Oh right haha god I’m stupid sometimes :p

    Is that the one with John Newton doing the voice of Supes? if it is I’ve seen it and it rocked.

    Rob I apologise for missing out Superman Classic


  6. dear web site ,hi my name is david conway and my comments to the pepole behind the batman animated series just from the year of 1992 / animated series , i just what to tell them that the tie in with the the adventures of batman & robin , they did had a tie in the batman beyound animated series , just before the wb verision style ,and just after that it was a tie in with the frist justice league , love david b conway


  7. Superman Shattered Dimensions : Darkseid tore a rift in the universe after suffering defeat from Superman and the Justice League Superman gets sucked into the vortex and gets divided into 9 Supermen Superman loses all his powers except strength and speed he can’t return to his own time until he defeats all the Pure Evil Supermen that has caused chaos and suffering in each dimension each time he defeats a Superman he gets another power and another vortex opens to send him to the next Superman just to be make it more interesting every Superman has the same power than Superman and the ones he doesn’t have like the one has freeze breath the other has heat vision you all get the picture now he is on a conquest to save himself and the 9 dimensions from total destruction they should give him the 2013 man of steel look that would be great


  8. I guess I am one of the minorities who DID NOT like Superman TAS.
    Now to clarify, I had high hopes for the series, coming off of Bruce Timm’s Batman TAS.
    BUT … in my opinion … Timm is a Bat fanboy and it was blatantly obvious.
    Superman having difficulty dodging punches, getting hurt by bullets and they getting thrown by Batman in a judo throw? Seriously !?
    I wasn’t even that old when that happened and even I could tell it was stupid.
    Infact … I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. His fights with Darkseid were some of the worst Superman fights I’ve seen.
    That being said … I love his animated movies … but even there he got shafted by Bruce Timm.
    Anyways … ranting aside, I’m the Geoff johns, Grant Morrison and J.M.S. Superman fan guy where he’s OP. Yes, I like my Superman to be … well … SUPER.
    One of the reasons why I’m really looking forward to Man of Steel.
    I am definitely hoping and looking forward to a new Superman animated show but I believe I would like it more in the veins of YOUNG JUSTICE.
    Sharp righting, tense pacing, and awesome action.
    I’d say it’d be an interesting time to take lesson out of the manga styling of Naruto / Dragon Ball Z by translating the comics [new 52 action comics & Superman] into the small screen.
    BUT … that’s just me … people keep going on about ‘Superman needs to hold back’ and its become such a cliche` that I would actually now like to see where he DOESN’T hold back, like in Dragon Ball Z.


    • THANK YOU!!! I was reading posts saying Superman TAS was good. I still watch the re-runs but only because I am a die hard Superman fan. The show was horrible in my opinion due to the fact that he is vulnerable to everything! Electricity, bullets, etc. I get why………how can you make an entire season showing Superman as invulnerable as he is intended to be…it would get boring but I’m sure writers could improvise enough to where he’s not hurt by everything! And yes the Batman judo throw…really?? In mid motion he could have reversed that…. anyway I could go on for hours.

      I agree completely in your reference to wanting to see it’s styling and non-constraints such as in shows like Naruto/Dragon Ball Z. A new show where he is not hampered by limitations and his strength and powers would be tested while building around showing his progression for each new battle.


  9. Agreed. I’ve been complaining about the neglect for years.


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