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Comic Book Review – Aquaman #6

By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Mera takes the spotlight in issue 6 of Aquaman! An opening flashback shows Mera fighting…someone. She tells her father, not seen, that she won’t fail and Aquaman will die. In the present, Mera visits the local market to get dog food. She gets help from the manager who clearly hasn’t read the sexual harassment section of his employee handbook. He makes a very unwelcome advance and Mera grabs his arm…and breaks it. Jennifer, an employee, calls her a hero but the local authorities disagree. Mera doesn’t like it, or the guns drawn on her, and tears the place apart with her water powers. Mera was just about to make it rain up in there when a call comes in, a murderer has escaped custody. So Mera gives up! The man, Ryan Slayter, has his daughter at gunpoint. Threats are made and Mera uses her powers to pull the water from Slayter’s body. The daughter gets her to stop, and Mera leaps away. Jennifer, from the store, visits Mera by what I guess is Amnesty Bay and gives her dog food and treats. Mera finally comes to the realization that humans aren’t all bad. Later, Mera gets ready to talk to Arthur when he says that Dr. Shin is going to tell them who sank Atlantis…

This is the third or fourth comic this month with a “6” on it that I’m reviewing. Maybe it’s my lucky number!? In the 20 plus years I’ve been reading comics, I’ve read some bad interludes. This is a great example of that breath of fresh air we sometimes need before getting involved with the next story. Johns, Prado, and Reis continue to be a fantastic team. Johns, in particular, does for Mera what he did for Aquaman in issue one. She can be a total badass and I love it. I especially love the panels when there’s no action, just Mera’s facial expressions. Prado and Reis are awesome at showing emotion. Their style is perfect for the characters in this title. We get a great cliffhanger too! Mera leaving for the market last issue wasn’t totally dramatic, but this sure was!

Overall Grade 8/10


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