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Avengers Assemble To Earth’s Mightiest Box Office Debut!

By: Adam Basciano

With the pre – release buzz surrounding The Avengers, it was a foregone conclusion that it would open at #1 over the weekend.  Everyone thought it would bring in big money, but I doubt many had pegged the film to bring in this much money.  Box office pundits had the films bringing in $150 -175 million domestically.  The superhero ensemble exceeded even those high predictions, collecting a Hulk-Sized $207.4 million over 3 days.  That is the current opening weekend record, handily beating the final “Harry Potter” installment. The film had opened internationally in most markets during the final week of April.  Overseas, the film has collected $447.4 million.  Added together the film has taken in a heroic sum of $654.8 million.

At this rate, Tony Stark won’t be the only billionaire in the Marvel Universe for much longer.  The architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Kevin Feige, is undoubtedly thrilled by the results and had the following comments; “Marvel’s The Avengers is something we’ve been carefully building toward since we began production on the first Iron Man film, and it is quite rewarding for all of us that The Avengers is appealing around the globe to both passionate fans and general audiences alike. It is a testament to all involved with this film that audiences across the board are embracing the film in this record-setting way.” This success is wonderful because it highlights the strength of the genre, and exposes non-comic book fans to these great characters in a big way.  It also proves that if you make going to the movies an event, and make quality, entertaining films, people will flock to the theaters in droves!

(Source: Walt Disney Pictures, Box Office Mojo)

One comment on “Avengers Assemble To Earth’s Mightiest Box Office Debut!

  1. I saw the Avengers on Saturday and it rocked everyone’s socks off. It’s possibly one of the greatest Superhero films ever made next to Superman The Movie and The Dark Knight. (Okay, I will even throw in Tim Burton’s Batman, cuz I really liked that.) This movie had all the elements perfect. And needless to say, at least from the opinions of me and my girlfriends, it was a serious Hot man explosion!! And now whenever I think Hulk, it can only be Bixby, Ferrigno, and Ruffalo! I can’t wait to see a stand-a-alone hulk film with him.


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