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The Avengers Vanquish Johnny Depp & Tim Burton Into Dark Shadows On Their Way To $1 Billion

By: Adam Basciano

If you listen to any Hollywood mogul, you’ll hear them whine about how the internet and piracy are killing their industry and box office earnings.  The Avengers laugh in the face of this notion.  Despite being released 9 days earlier overseas, the film went on to set the highest opening weekend at the box office ever.  In its second weekend of release, the Marvel blockbuster continued its record-breaking ways.  The Avengers set a second weekend record of $103,163,000. Its domestic total is now $373,182,000. Nick Fury’s superhero team is now the highest grossing film in the “Avengers” franchise of films.  It currently sits 4th on the list of Superhero movies, on the verge of surpassing Spider – Man 2

Internationally, the film was #1 again collecting $95.4 million.  Adding that to the previous foreign numbers, the film has collected $628,900,000.  When you add the two biggest numbers together, The Avengers is a billionaire.  The worldwide total is a whopping $1,002,082,000 in just 19 days.  That has the film ranked 11th on the all-time worldwide grosses list.  With plenty of time left in this films theatrical run, it’s anyones guess just how much money this film will end up making.

(Source: Box Office Mojo)

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