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Comic Book Review: Action Comics #8

By: Matthew Rapier

The last time I reviewed Action Comics, I was deep into a migraine induced by the story that I was writing about. Morrison had my head twisted around like a pretzel with Superman getting a visit from the Legion of Super Heroes and through several reads, I’m still not sure what was going on. Luckily issue #8 is pretty straight-forward and easy to follow.

This is the end of the first arc with Superman finally battling it out against Braniac and the Metallo clad John Corben. This version of Braniac resembles a caterpillar, but I have a feeling the shape and look can change depending on the choice of the Coluan. Superman cleverly uses his shrunken rocket ship, which is made of invulnerable Kryptonian technology, to take down Braniac and set Metropolis back to its original state.

 Clark speaks on the phone with an unknown source who gave him tips on how to defeat Braniac. The reader is aware that this source, Icarus, is actually Lex Luthor trying to help create a better Metropolis with Clark. Superman is later given a key to the city and flies off to Smallville to talk with his parents at their graves.

 Action Comics started off with a bang back in September, but for me personally each issue has kind of drifted off into something I am less interested in. I really lost interest with issue #6, but Morrison closing out the arc here has brought things back on track. To me, Superman hasn’t quite found a good footing in the relaunch like some of the other characters. Being a huge fan of the character since age 3, I may be expecting something different. I am very open to the changes being made, but for some reason the Superman titles haven’t been as interesting to me as stuff like Animal Man and Swamp Thing.

Morrison hasn’t some big ideas here, there is no questioning that. His approach is just all over the place at times and unfortunately that takes me out of the story. I believe when he wraps up his run on the title it will read fantastically in a trade when all the pieces have been revealed. Rags Morales has been a suitable choice for art with this title and I’ve enjoyed his work each issue. I’m not sure why the choice was made to have an art switch when he’s presented the key to the city, but that up-close page of Superman’s face creeps me out. Please don’t do that again.

Action Comics #8 isn’t one of the worst or best comics from the relaunch, it just stands somewhere in the middle. Having already read issue #9, (I’ll leave that review to the next in rotation) I like where Morrison is headed in his second arc. I really hope it starts bringing Superman back to being my favorite character in comics again.

Overall Grade: 7/10


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