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Comic Book Review: Batman Beyond Unlimited #2

By: Jeremy M. Kossak

It’s good to know that if I ever want a break from the New 52 I don’t have to check out other publishers. Batman Beyond Unlimited has continued to give me the breath of fresh air I like with the characters I enjoy. Here we are with issue 2 and more surprises in both stories are presented. Mad Stan! More Jokerz! And Tim Drake? No I didn’t see that coming either. But it’s there in part 1 of The Trigger Man. The main story is about Mad Stan and his stolen explosives. I’m actually more interested in the subplots here. Dana’s brother Douglas clearly has some issues. Issues that he decides to take out on his father. Wayne Enterprises, now with Bruce back in control, has become the sole provider of Gotham PD’s defense gear. This is where Drake comes in along with Lucius Fox Jr.

In the second story, the JLU continue their search for Micron on Dinosaur Island. They succeed, but it doesn’t end well. Micron unleashes robots and Parasite monsters so he can escape with…something. Batman follows Micron back to Kobra’s base and ends up on the receiving end of Micron’s powers. Their fight is brief, with Batman ending up the victor. Terry brings him home along with another surprise: Amanda Waller! That finale actually surprised me and the story here is enjoyable. It does seem a bit too short though. I don’t really care for the art either. All the characters, especially Superman, look too thin. There’s not much else to talk about since it was a quick read. Like I’ve said before, check it out if you’re a fan of the DCAU.

Overall Grade: 7/10

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