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Comic Book Review: The Flash #4

By: Isaac Daniel Frisbie

“As Central City remains dark from the recent EMP blast, The Fastest Man Alive remains in hot pursuit of the one who set it off: Mob Rule! What does Mob Rule really want? Learn the rest of his origin right here!” (DC Comics)

What a fantastic issue!  We got to see some back story for Manuel and where all the clones came from.  That was a little gross I must say.  I’m trying to figure out how Flash survived.  He got shot in the head but somehow healed as the bullet went through his head.  What this comic does right is two things.  It tells a great story every time.  It keeps the overall story running along without you feeling like you haven’t read enough.  The second thing is the artwork.  This artwork consistently delivers the goods.  The artwork is among the most underrated in DC right now.  I’m kind of attracted to Patty Spivot.  Shhhhh don’t tell anyone.  Barry has really been coming into his own powers and learning as he goes along.  He’s managed to vibrate a plane through a bridge and repair bullet damage in his head faster than it can kill him.

We got to see a small glimpse of Iris, who has been trapped by Captain Cold.  Wasn’t sure why they included that short snippet.  It didn’t move that plot point along at all.
I will say the story felt too short.  Other comics make me feel full when I’m done reading, but this one had me wanting just a bit more.  Not a lot.  Just a bit.

I’m also curious where Manuel is going to end up.  I have a feeling nothing good is going to happen there, but it’s merely a guess.  He seems to be losing his mind slowly over time, which is cemented more by the fact that all his clones have an almost shared consciousness.

Overall Grade: 8/10


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