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Spider – Man Amazes On Opening Day!

By: Adam Basciano

“The Amazing Spider – Man” was bound to open in first place on its opening week of release. It’s opening during the fourth of July holiday first of all.  Secondly, it’s Spider-Man.  In the pantheon of superheroes he’s a global icon, along with Superman and Batman. I thought mid $20 Million range for the weekday numbers was reasonable.  It looks as though I’ve underestimated the wall crawler.  The Marc Webb directed reboot has set the all-time record for a film opening on a Tuesday, collecting an estimated $35,000,000.  Opening in just 13 foreign markets this weekend, the film earned an impressive $50,200,000.  Combined, the film has spun an early worldwide total of $85,200,000.  With mostly positive critics reviews, and strong word of mouth from friends of mine who have already seen it, I have no doubt that the film will be a huge box office hit.  Check back on the weekend for updated box office numbers, and early next week for my review of the film

(Source: Box Office Mojo.)

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