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Kelly Hu Joins Arrow + Booster Gold Update!

By: Adam Basciano

San Diego Comic Con wouldn’t be the ultimate comic con if it didn’t provide a wealth of news regarding projects related to the genre.  While every DC Comics fan waits with anticipation for the “Man of Steel” panel, news has broken regarding two small screen DC Entertainment projects.  Namely, “Arrow” and “Booster Gold.”

“Arrow” was announced and received far too much undue skepticism from message board whiners.  Ever since a 4 minute trailer made its way online, the skepticism turned to optimism.  The reveal that DC Comics villain Deathstroke would feature in the series, garnered more positive opinion.  That good early word of mouth grew when the pilot episode screened at comic con. (lucky bastards ;)) The most recent news gets even better.  “Anticipating fan questions, the producers promised that other DC characters would make appearance on the show and quickly made good on that statement by announcing that Kelly Hu (X2: X – Men United) had been cast to play villainess China White–news that was greeted with cheers from the audience.” The character appeared as the main antagonist in “Green Arrow: Year One”

 It’s been awhile since news had surfaced regarding the Booster Gold live action television series from SyFy Network. Back in April it was listed as being in active developement.  In a brief video interview with IGN (click link below), Andrew Kriesberg discusses the pilot script’s adherence to the source material and discussing the character with creator Dan Jurgens.

Booster Gold TV Series Update

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter, IGN)


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