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T.V Review: Young Justice – Season 2 Episode 3

By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Bumblebee and Blue Beetle almost capture a fake Bibbo Bibbowski, but the real Bibbo helps reveal the Krolotean inside. It escapes though, and heads straight for a ship where Black Manta waits. The Zeta team get back to Earth safely and Nightwing is told what happened in the Justice League’s missing 16 hours. Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice, Miss Martian and Superboy walk in to view an interrogation. J’onn J’onzz is trying to communicate with a Krolotean but psychically can’t. As Batman speaks, M’gann accomplishes what J’onn couldn’t. The Kroloteans have an emergency rendezvous point in a volcano. The Bat family heads out there and a fight between them, Black Manta’s forces, a group of Kroloteans, and other Leaguers ensues. Following the destruction of this base, the six members of the Justice League accused of attacking Rimbor leave Earth. They bid farewell with the intent to end the dispute peacefully.

First off, seeing Bibbo in action was just great! Like I’ve said with previous reviews, my attention is fixed on what’s happened to the old team between the first and second seasons. There’s a huge chunk given this time. The shocks keep coming with revelations of a friend who has fallen from grace. I won’t spoil it…yet. I enjoyed seeing Superman and Superboy working together. Batman really puts a lot of trust in Nightwing. Also, Lagoon Boy and Aquaman get good screen time. There are so many great moments and great action in this episode!

Overall Grade: 8/10


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