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Comic Book Review: Smallville Season 11 #7-9

By: Adam Basciano

” The SEASON PREMIERE EVENT continues!  OLIVER and CHLOE are on a hunt in the heartland…or are they the hunted?  LOIS is caught in the crossfire as SUPERMAN confronts LEX about last issue’s disastrous climax… HENSHAW’s condition takes a turn for the worse!

Overall, I’ve enjoyed this series to date.  My main complaint is that we’re still in the midst of the season premiere.  Granted, pacing on a television show is different then in comic books.  Given that this premiere still has three issues left to go, it feels slightly drawn out.  This is either due to the heavy set up of the first three issues, or the fact that I’m excited for Batman’s arrival to the Smallville universe.

To his credit, the writer deals with the fallout of recent events in a big action packed way.  The Smallville grand tradition of Clark confronting Lex about every major crisis continues.  Instead of throwing him across a room, Superman exerts a bit more force by breaking his windows with a mere clap! *Note to telemarketer, the clapper would be useless for Superman.  Did the moment he confronts Lex hovering outside Lex’s office remind anyone else of the show “Lois & Clark”?  The reaction of the government and Hank Henshaw’s wife justly portray the uneasiness, and expectation the government and public have for Supernan, given his ability to push a planet out of orbit in the finale. I prefer this reaction over the “sitting around a campfire singing Kumbaya” response traditionally depicted upon Superman’s arrival.  I was a bit perplexed by what Lex wanted to do with the Cyborg.  He wants to transfer Tess into the Cyborg so he doesn’t have to deal with seeing or hearing her anymore? Ok sure, but couldn’t a shrink do the same thing, just less invasive?

The pages where Clark confronts Lex and then in turn, Superman is confronted by the army,  are my favourite images of these three issues.  The tension and action of these scenes come alive on the page.  I still think Chloe, Oliver, and Lex are the best drawn characters, while Clark and Lois could use some refining.  The covers are so good, I wish the artist was doing the interior work.


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