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Movie Review: Ultimate Avengers

By: Dan Marshall

Ultimate Avengers brings together 6 heroes in Captain America, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Thor, Ant (Giant) Man & Wasp.

The story starts in 1945 where Captain America stops the world from being destroyed by a nuclear missile.  A feat which leaves him trapped in ice. 60 years later the threat is back and Captain America is freed by Nick Fury of S.H.E.I.L.D to lead a newly assembled team against the new threat to the world.

My Thoughts: The movie certainly starts with a bang, producing some quality action.  Watching Captain America stop the super weapon left my feeling ready for a thrill ride.  Unfortunately, it took way too long to get going after this. When Nick Fury was extending his invitation to the heroes to join the team, it was way too slow.  I feel some if not all the characters should have been involved in a big action piece, showcasing their skills to all the viewers, to show why Fury would want them together in the first place but Iron Man stopping a plane crash (he’s already got control of it), Ant man turning into a giant and Thor stopping a Whale hunting boat from passing by intimidating its captain with a bit of Thunder, Lightning, and Hale was a bit short of my expectations.

The last 20 minutess however really ramp up the action and pace. Once the bad guys (the Chitauri) show their face and start taking S.H.E.I.L.D. apart, you finally start to see the threat that the world faces, if only they hadn’t waited so long. I also think they should have had the attack last longer to give the Chitauri a more menacing approach.  However no sooner have they ripped S.H.I.E.L.D.’s air craft apart, than they are defeated, all within in about 6 minutes. Not what you call a major threat and yet we are supposed to believe the World was in danger.

The highlight of the film is certainly the battle at the back-end of the movie, when the team have to stop one of their own, the Hulk. Despite Bana’s initial thoughts, he loses control.  This is the big battle scene that any superhero movie should have and it doesn’t disappoint.  My only issue is, why with a world threatened with destruction does the Hulk give the team its biggest problem when surely the Chitauri should have had that honour.  They was said to be a threat to the world that required these 6 heroes to take them down. It takes away the whole effect they had when they started to take S.H.E.I.L.D apart. I ask the question who is the real threat to the world?  I do understand that the Hulk is right to be shown as such a danger but why have the film build up the Chitauri as this major threat to the world then just destroy that by having them beaten so rather easily and have the Hulk make them look like chumps.

Animation: This is the best Marvel have produced and although I think they could improve and rival DC more in this area, it still was very good

Score: There wasn’t anything particularly special about the score. It did its job but nothing more. If this would have been better I believe I would have enjoyed the film more.

Voice Acting: Good. With today’s animation and they don’t really seem to get it wrong very often. I prefer Iron Man & Thor’s voices in Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes, but then they are more deliberately voiced like their movie counterparts. I did find however the characters were a little flat at times but that could possibly be the scripts fault.

Summary: Despite my gripes with certain aspects I feel this was still a generally good effort from Marvel.  The animation was good but the musical score wasn’t memorable (unlike a later Marvel animation – Thor: Tales of Asgaard) and the story was too slow after a good start.

I also think introducing the major threat that the Chitauri posed sooner in the movie would have helped to show why the team was needed. I certainly believe this wasn’t put across very well and made me think, why would a band of 6 heroes who don’t want to be together join the team. I guess we have to take Nick Fury’s word for it that the world is in danger.

It does however get one thing spot on, a fast paced action fuelled ending which for me, saved it from just being a snooze fest. Add to that the good start and some decent action in the teams 1st mission together, and I still managed to enjoy parts of this movie.

Overall Grade: 6.5/10

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