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Comic Book Review: Earth 2 #3

By: Jeremy M. Kossak

The spotlight is on Alan Scott in this issue! In the wreckage of the train disaster from last issue, Alan is engulfed in a mysterious green flame. The flame heals Alan while explaining that he must now serve a higher purpose. In Poland, Jay Garrick confronts Hawkgirl who tells him that “Fate” has led her here. Jay and Hawkgirl look around to see the Earth around them is dying. Alan becomes the Green Lantern, cleans up the wreckage around him, and gives the victims of the crash a proper burial (including Sam). An evil force senses the “Man of Green” from Washington D.C. and sucks the life from the planet. He is the Man of Grey, he is…GRUNDY!

Things are coming together for the new JSA. I’m really excited to see this story unfold. Hawkgirl mentioning “Fate” has me really excited to see the new Dr. Fate. Alan is shaping up to be the character to focus on in this title. Using the death of a loved one as motivation to carry on has been done before. But it seems to work for the origin of this character. I just hope it’s not forgotten later. I like how Alan creates his power ring. It really sets this Green Lantern apart from the Oan Green Lanterns. Alan’s costume is cool too. I wouldn’t mind seeing an action figure of it. Jay’s costume however, is ugly.

Moving on, I love that Solomon Grundy is the villain here. It makes absolute sense since he started out as Alan’s enemy in the Golden Age. I feel the need to say something about the controversy of Alan Scott’s orientation, yet it’s such a minor detail in the comic. I guess that’s a good thing. Once again groups made a big deal out of nothing. Earth 2 is one of my favorite books out right now. I predict that Earth 2 will end at some point and a JSA title will launch at some time next year. Next issue: more Hawkgirl!


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