TV Review: Arrow: Season 1 – “Honor Thy Father”

By: Kyle Shultz

The other night we got “Honor Thy Father”, the second episode for The CW’s “Arrow.” In the episode we see that Oliver is starting to get back into the real world after having spent five years alone (assumingly) on an uncharted island. The episode kicks off with some really well choreographed action, Arrow is utilizing both his bow and his hands in his fighting, taking on more than one enemy. The fight sequences have a movie quality aspect to them, which I love, & that is more than you can say for some shows. Once he is done fighting, we see him threaten a man, which we can easily deduce to being a name from his father’s list, all while cleverly disguising his voice in the process. Not as over the top as Bale’s was in the last two Nolan Bat-flicks, but a little more on par with Bale’s voice in “Batman Begins.”

Thea Queen, played by Willa Holland, was a lot more involved in this episode & was still a littler bitter that Oliver was trying to right her ways, so she won’t become too much like the old him. Once she realized the extent to Oliver’s injuries & scars, she starts to become more emotional, we see in that same scene Oliver never wanted Thea to see that. Thea shows Ollie that there is a tombstone near the house & tells him that each day he was missing, she was there talking to him. Filling him in on everything going on with her life, then she says that she felt closer to him when he was gone & presumed dead, than she does now. Then she leaves, & the scene stays on Oliver, showing us that what she said really sunk in, & meant something to him; he knows that he has stay connected to people now that he’s back. We finally see Dinah Laurel Lance, played wonderfully by Katie Cassidy, in her element. As she goes by her middle name in the show, Laurel is an attorney, & Cassidy does great in the role & makes a convincing lawyer. Laurel takes the case of a Ms. Nocenti (Nod to a familiar comic writer, perhaps?) whose father was murdered for discovering Martin Somers’ ties to the Chinese Triad. When Oliver learns that Somers is on his list & that Laurel is prosecuting him, he goes after Somers to make him confess to the murder as penance for all of the wrongs he has done to Starling City. Instead Somers contacts the Chinese Triad, specifically a villain named China White, who’s from DC Comic’s “Green Arrow: Year One”. Kelly Hu, who is no stranger to comic book movies/shows, plays China White. She goes after Laurel, much to her surprise Oliver is there, & saves Laurel before China White could get her. The end fight sequence between Arrow & White was a bit disappointing, but I’m glad she’ll be a recurring character. We also finally saw John Diggle, Mr. Queen’s bodyguard get some action time in. I’m certain he will soon become a fan-favorite.


Detective Quentin Lance, played by Paul Blackthorne, is starting to have a bigger presence in the series, & is starting to become Arrow’s nemesis. In almost every scene he is in, he does a great job. Though in the scene where he is arguing with Laurel, I think that scene could have been a lot better. It should have had more emotion, from both actors. Still a good scene, but not executed well. One thing that will top the character of Quentin Lance off is if they turn him into or show that he’s an alcoholic, which I can see them doing, & I’ll be fine with it, because it’ll work. My favorite scene with him though, is when he has Arrow in his sights & tells him to put his hands up, for a second I thought that was going to be a repeat of the scene from “The Amazing Spider-Man” & I would have been fine with that as well.

From the pilot to this episode I always caught that, despite popular belief, Arrow does not kill every single one of his enemies. He simply shoots his arrow straight into the shoulder, right below the clavicle. Doesn’t kill the enemy, but disables them. I can’t speak for the people who fall off a cliff or railing, but it’s not like Green Arrow is a stranger to killing in the first place. Green Arrow, much like Batman, will not kill, though unlike Batman, he’s not afraid to take a life as long as the reason is valid. The ending flashback scene or twist at the end just goes to prove my point. The hooded figure on the island made the same shot, but from behind & from afar. That scene can easily be deduced to who taught him to fight, & use a bow.

Other than fighting, the characters, & writing, the one thing I absolutely love about the show is the cinematography. Each setting, the camera moves & has it’s own personality. When there are flashbacks on the island, the camera is a bit chaotic, wild & kind of looks like security camera footage. When Oliver is with family or friends, the camera is tight & strong, & kind of personal. Finally when he is Arrow, the camera is loose, free, fast, but still focusing on Arrow, the fighting, & the characters around him. The cinematographer does a great job capturing what he does. For a second episode in the series, this was a great one, & has improved from the pilot, not that the pilot was bad! I cannot wait to see next weeks episode I’m so hyped because it has Deadshot, one of my favorite DC villains.


2 comments on “TV Review: Arrow: Season 1 – “Honor Thy Father”

  1. Great in-depth review! I was concerned with the ‘killing’ aspect and also thought he killed everyone, but then I realized, he’s still a superhero, not some murderous vigilante killing for sport. But Batman, with his ‘no-kill’ stance, will always be my favorite. But the CW is showing us what can be done on the small screen with a DC superhero and I’m very impressed. Now if only they can get Batman up there!


    • Hey Lady G, Thanks! Glad you liked it! I was a little concerned with the ‘killing’ aspect too, but knowing GA’s stance on it from the comics, and what they’re doing in the show so far, I’m pretty proud they’re utilizing a disable move that can be done without causing too much damage to enemies. And it would be amazing if they put Batman in the show, but I’ll be perfectly fine with just a mention of “WayneTech” or “Wayne Industries”, either way I can’t wait to see what else they are bringing out of the kitchen sink of DC’s gallery. Thanks again!


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