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Join The Adventures of Superboy DVD Campaign

By: Adam Basciano

Fellow fans and reviewers for this very websites Sam J. Rizzo and Rennie Cowan need the help of Superman fans.  While Season One of “Superboy”  has been released on DVD, season’s 2-4 renamed “The Adventures of Superboy,” have not been given the DVD treatment.  The series’ final 3 seasons were vastly different from the first, with a retooled cast, including a brand new Superboy in the form of Gerard Christopher. Stacy Haiduk however, did remain as Lana Lang.  These seasons included the first ever live action appearance of Bizarro, as played by Douglas B. Meyers.  Those episodes were some of the highest rated of the series. Other stand-out episodes include the “Roads not Taken” two part episode.

Superboy Official DVD Campaign Letter

This is one of the few pieces of Superman live action media, that a good number of fans have yet to see.  To ensure that this rare gem of Superman history gets the DVD treatment it deserves, Sam and Rennie are urging fans to join the letter writing campaign.  Either write your own letter, or fill in the appropriate fields of the letter provided and send it to:

P.O. Box #156
Bedford Park, IL. 60499

From there, your letters will be sent to the appropriate representatives at Warner Brothers.  Superman fans are a strong and passionate bunch. Let’s put that passion to use, in getting this grounded Superman series to take flight once more!


One comment on “Join The Adventures of Superboy DVD Campaign

  1. This is a great idea! I’ll print out my letter and send it. I’ll also post a link about this on the homepage of Gerard Christopher’s website too. And the Yahoo group.


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