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Comic Book Review: Green Lantern Corps #5-7

By: Matthew Rapier

Guy Gardner has to dig deep into the Green Lantern Corps to find a group of members that can get in and save John Stewart and his crew from the Keepers and their leader. He enlists four old-time members known as the Mean Machine to head off on the rescue mission.

Gardner also had to come up with a plan to defeat these newly discovered entities because the will of their rings have no effect on the keepers of the power batteries. He removes two Sinestro Corps members from the Sciencells, Fat Man and Little Boy. One excretes a gas from the body to cause a deadly combination when mixed with the yellow ring of fear which would cause a ‘fear bomb’.

The leader of the Keepers is trying to have Lantern Kirt reveal the force field code of Oa by torturing him and the other retained members. Just as he is about to break and give in, Stewart breaks his bonds and snaps Kirrt’s neck to prevent him from spilling the code.  Gardner and the Mean Machine members arrive and drop the fear bomb on the Keepers which works in subduing them for a victory.

Back on Oa, Stewart and Vandor (the other Lantern who was captured with him and Kirrt) discuss the arrangements to inform Kirrt’s family of his death. Vandor volunteers to do the task, but Stewart insists that he be the one to do so. He arrives to let the family know and the little brother takes it especially hard as John ponders what to do about telling the truth of his action.

These 3 issues of Green Lantern Corps were as top-notch as it gets. You have the introduction of a few new characters, great action, and a very emotionally ending to issue #7. Peter J. Tomasi has been writing this book for around 7 years now and it really shows that he is familiar with Green Lantern inside and out. I loved the introduction of these old timers that Guy Gardner has to go recruit and the idea of the fear bomb was really nice. The ending moments of issue #7 were really heart-breaking, especially knowing that Stewart had to kill Kirrt and then inform his family. No complaints about the art either as everything was highly detailed and good enough for any big event comic.

I still believe that the Green Lantern corner of the new 52 is the strongest area of the relaunch. That may be in part to nothing really being changed and the stories continuing on. It’s hard to wait each month for the next issue, but the wait is very much worth it when we’re given issues like this.

Overall Grade: 10/10


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