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TV Review: Arrow – “Legacies”

By: Kyle Shultz

Ace, King, Queen, and Jack. Names sound familiar? Other than being what you need for a royal flush in a standard poker game, the names are of a family in the fan favorite DC Comics gang of bank robbers, The Royal Flush Gang. I love the redesign for RFG, it’s simple, and I want one of those masks. Another thing I loved about this episode is that fact that Arrow is facing off against them, and not just some rich business tycoon, though I would love to see some more “steal from the rich, give to the less fortunate” type of episodes that give us that classic Green Arrow throwback, kind of what we got in the pilot.

The flashbacks in this episode, and what goes on with King & Ace in this episode make me think the episode’s title should have been “Sins of the Father”, but “Legacies” fits just as good. In the flashbacks, we see Ollie trapped in that cave, hallucinating about the ghost of his dead dad who screams at him to take up his cause and to kill the people on the list to make his death more meaningful, so he won’t regret dying for what he had done.

When Ollie learns that the leader once worked at Queen Consolidated & his dad made more than just a few bad business mistakes that ended up costing King his job at the factory, Ollie looks for him and offers him a job back. He of course shoots it down. We do find out that the reason the Royal Flush Gang exists in this adaptation is because through the result of not having a job, the family decides to start robbing banks and starting a crime spree. King, the dad, wants to quit but Ace, the son, says they should take one last job. So they do. Also we see that throughout the episode that King regrets having taken his son down this path, especially after killing a cop in the episodes opening. I personally think the idea of a criminal family taking on one last job is a fairly rusty old trope in film/TV, but it fits thematically for a story that is out to explore the sins of the father.

A couple of things I don’t really like, and what they can improve upon is that their villains are becoming this sort of one-off type of deal; they all so far have lacked a sort of development to where we actually have full sympathy or understand fully why they do what they do. You see them in one episode, and they either die off or just disappear in a way leaving you wanting more. Though at least they have me wanting more, that’s one way to do it. Hopefully all the villains they introduced so far will return. Yes, even Deadshot, he’s not dead. He’s not!! The second thing I don’t like is that Ollie seems to be too great at doing what he’s doing. Yeah, he’s in his prime but he should still have a problem in taking down villains. Which we kind of actually saw he had somewhat of a difficult time in fighting Ace in the last fight sequence from this episode, it was nice & I think they should do it more often.

The change in the mission came straight from Diggle, who is continually becoming more and more useful as each episode goes by in being Ollie’s partner. What I love the most about Diggle is that he is, so far, the one person in Ollie’s life that knows his double life, and can call Ollie on his crap and force him to be an actual hero, not just some crazy vigilante. With the death of King in the episode, I’m hoping we see the return of the gang and Ace blames Arrow for his dad’s death, and ends up doing some Harry Osbourn-esqe revenge plot.

This episode also allowed us more focus on some of the supporting characters in Dinah, Tommy, & Thea. I absolutely loved the bit in the early part of the episode where Ollie and Thea actually act like real siblings, after their Mom mentioned that guy who Ollie said Moira calls “The perfect son”. It was nice to see them be real siblings. I’m still waiting for Tommy to morph into what we know as Merlyn, but for now his main “mission” is courting Dinah, that’s all he wants right now. I liked and enjoy seeing Tommy on-screen, and that’s one thing I missed from the last episode, he’s the comedic relief for now. Along with Ollie’s no knowledge in anything pop culture gives us a good laugh or two, very Steve Roger’s like. This episode makes Tommy more likable, more human you could say I guess. He asks for Thea’s advice of what could he do to make a girl notice him better, Thea mistakes that in thinking “Oh, Tommy likes me, I like him too” and we see that in the last half of the episode, and when Thea is turned down by Tommy after saying she’s like a sister to him, she turns to alcohol somewhat crashing the party. Tommy takes her outside to get air. Dinah comes in, and sees that Thea might’ve had one too many, and grows a little closer to Tommy in the end. There was a nice little mention to “Coast City” in the episode as well as a return to Big Belly Burger with Moira and Ollie enjoying a burger, which makes me hungry just typing this! Can we get a nod to Gotham or Metropolis already?

Overall I think this episode was really good, I enjoyed it a lot, and I cannot wait to see The Huntress in “Muse of Fire” played Jessica De Gouw.


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