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Del Toro Takes DC Entertainment Into A Dark Universe!

By: Adam Basciano

Justice League Dark #3 Cover

After having tackled Marvel’s third tier character Blade in the second installment of that franchise, and then presenting Dark Horse’s obscure character Hellboy in two fantastic films, I wanted more comic book films from Guillermo Del Toro.  Specifically, I’d hoped that the filmmaker would take on a character in my beloved DC Universe.  Del Toro himself confirmed that he is indeed working on a DC Comics film, featuring more than one main character.  No it’s not Justice League, at least not the Justice League you’re thinking of.

Swamp Thing, Etrigan & The Spectre

Instead, Del Toro will be using characters from “Justice League: Dark” and other titles under the New 52 banner “The Edge.”  In a recent interview with IGN, the director confirmed some of the characters appearing in the film include, Swamp Thing, Etrigan the Demon, John Constantine, The Spectre, Deadman, and Zatana. Clearly these characters all have a supernatural/horror slant to them, which is perfectly suited to the style of the Mexican born director.  As for the status of the film, Guillermo himself is currently writing the outline and has approached a writer, who he believes fans will be happy with.

deltoro-comic con

Prior to the New 52 I didn’t know much about any of the characters listed above.  I gave “Justice League: Dark” and “Swamp Thing” a look, and they are great books and characters.  Yet, there are other stories from great writers and artists that Del Toro and company can pull from as well! I have no doubt in Del Toro’s ability to show audiences familiar and unfamiliar, how great these characters are! Let the light shine on DC Comics’ “Dark Universe”!

(Source: IGN)


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