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Comic Book Review – Daredevil #1-3

By: Adam Basciano

Daredevil #1 Cover

“Having turned his world upside over the past several years, Matt Murdock realizes that justice may not be blind to his past and villains may not be the only ones looking for answers. If Matt Murdock could see what he was up against he’d be terrified. Given his recent past, Matt Murdock has a lot to answer for and Captain America is doing the cross-examining. Daredevil’s quickly learns that burned bridges with his friends and former allies aren’t easy to repair. No longer able to practice law in the courts, Matt Murdock finds a new way to help innocent men and women in desperate need of justice! With Klaw hot on Daredevil’s trail, Murdock has little time to adjust to his life before a battle begins!” (Marvel)

I have been a fan of Daredevil upon my re-entry to comic books 8+ years ago. I’ve read some of the classic story lines and have collected the ongoing series from that point on.  The story that closed Daredevil’s last book was a bit of a mess.  The character was thrown off course, ending up more villain than vigilante. Enter Mark Waid, who’s first three issues steer Matt Murdock and his alter ego more into superhero territory. Waid has Daredevil operating in the wider Marvel Universe, taking on villains, Spot and Klaw.  One is traditionally a Spider-Man villain, while the other has fought The Avengers and Fantastic Four.  While this definitely takes Daredevil out of his comfort zone, Waid gives the fans the secret identity and courtroom drama that we have come to expect.  Waid is cognizant of continuity and references it appropriately, so it strengthens the story. The fact that much of the press still believes he is Daredevil, hinders his ability to practice law, so he tutors his client to defend him self.  That’s the best part of these issues, Matt Murdock’s tireless pursuit of justice for his client  That’s what I like most about this character, he pursues justice in and out of costume.  My only complaint story wise is in the resolutions with the two villains.  The fight with Spot was skipped over, while the fight with Klaw has a great build up but little to no pay off!

Daredevil #2 - Rooftop chase

I’m more than pleased with Paolo Rivera’s art on this book. First things first, his depiction of Daredevil’s radar sense.  It really puts readers in Daredevil’s shoes whenever it’s used.  Rivera manages to blend a pulp feel with a more clean-cut superheroic look.  The tussle with Captain America was acrobatic to the nth degree!  The full-page spread of Captain America chasing Daredevil between rooftops was the highlight of the three issues.  I also liked the flashback page with Klaw, the Master of Sound facing off against the Fantastic Four.  It would make Jack Kirby proud.  Rivera’s depiction of city locations are some of the best in comics.  He gives New York at night a very moody, almost shifty feel to it.  Also, is it me or does assistant district attorney Kristen McDuffie look too much like Khloe Kardashian?

This is a great start for a new era of Daredevil comic books.  Yes, it treads to more stereotypical superhero story telling, but keeps Matt Murdock grounded with his legal cases.  This one is particularly relevant to today, as it deals with the maltreatment of a Muslim American store owner.  Waid has a good handle on the character and his world, and will show the comic book reading masses how great the under-appreciated Man Without Fear is.

Daredevil #3 - Origins of Klaw

Overall Grade: 8.5/10


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