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Comic Book Review – The Flash #6

By: Jeremy M. Kossak

The Flash #6 - Cover

Now: It’s The Flash vs. a very different Captain Cold!

Yesterday: Barry shares a moment with his girlfriend Patty Spivot, they agree to be dating and talk about cases.

Last night: Dr. Elias reminds Flash he can’t use his speed powers. Speed Force energy is building up which create rips in time. The good doctor whipped up a treadmill to siphon Flash’s energy to store in batteries.

The morning before: Captain Cold’s sister is dying. He blames her current condition on Flash because of the blackout.

The Flash #6 - Captain Cold Mourns

Fifteen minutes before: Barry, Patty, and Iris have breakfast on a boat. Their conversation is interrupted when Cold freezes the river to get Flash’s attention.

Now: Flash tries to keep his distance while fighting Captain Cold. As Barry’s energy reaches critical mass, the boat he was just on falls through the ice!

I like the use of flashbacks here. The story the day, and morning, before the fight helps keep the issue from being too action heavy. Don’t get me wrong, I love the action, but I want to get my money’s worth on this comic. Captain Cold’s motivation is a bit warped, but I think that helps him be more of an unpredictable foe. Especially now that his powers are a part of him, that’s a great twist to the character! The action and suspense are made more exciting by Manapul’s page layouts. How many times and how many ways can I praise his storytelling?

The Flash #6 - Titanic - Di Caprio + the Speed Force x More Action

Overall Grade 8/10


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