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Comic Book Review: The Flash #7

By: Jeremy M. Kossak

The Flash #7 - Cover

The fight between Flash and Captain Cold continues! Barry ran past his limit last issue. The resulting wormhole sucked half of the boat he was on that morning into the Speed Force! A desperate Flash vows to save Iris West, who was on that boat, and help Cold’s sister. Flash tries to fulfill both promises by running on Dr. Elias’s cosmic treadmill. He hopes to fill enough of the battery cells so the hospital will have the power to operate on Lisa Snart. Flash taps into the Speed Force and dashes into the wormhole! Elsewhere in Central City, we see that our hero’s efforts have not been in vain. Also, Patty has a moment with Director Singh. She bashes on the Flash and reveals her feelings towards Barry. Too bad he’s in the Speed Force, he’s about to find out what’s in store for him there. Just who is Turbine?

The Flash #7 - Running into the Speed Force!

What an issue! That two-page splash was amazing! There’s so much happening on the page when Flash runs into the Speed Force. Manapul pulls off yet another visual feast. He also pulls in a lot of emotion in his writing. I like how the fight between Flash and Leonard ends. I’ve come to admire how this version of the Flash wants to save everyone. While some plots get resolved, others get set up. The Speed Force is a big mystery to me. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the nature of it was ever addressed during the Wally years. I thought it was just a part of the Flash family’s powers and their “heaven”. I’ll enjoy learning about it next issue!

Overall Grade 8/10


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