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Comic Book Review: Justice League #12

By: Jeremy M. Kossak

Justice League #12 Cover

The events of the last few issues are summed up quickly by the Expositional News Network. Just kidding, it’s TMZ. They are of the opinion that the Justice League isn’t the team the world needs. The League, however, have confronted ghosts at Mount Sumeru. The ghosts, including Steve Trevor’s, try to break the League down by showing them their fears. All the while, David Graves tells his plan to free the spirits to save the world. As ectoplasm covers the heroes, Trevor stumbles out into the open. Since Steve isn’t dead, Graves’ plan isn’t going to work. Green Lantern and Batman realize that the apparitions are parasites and fight back. Aquaman ends up being the one that breaks through Graves’ power. He may be defeated, but damage is still done to the League. Wonder Woman visits a recovering Steve Trevor in the hospital and ends their relationship yet again. Steve still thinks the League needs him but Diana says they can take care of the team without him. The team questions Batman’s leadership and the future of the League. The debate ends when Hal Jordan decides to take the blame for the League’s negligence and quits the team. Elsewhere in D.C., Wonder Woman is joined by Superman. They talk about relationships with others and how it’s complicated to have their kind of power and still try to be “normal”. Their moment of vulnerability brings them together, and they share a passionate kiss.

In the epilogue, Amanda Waller visits David Graves’ cell and asks him to write how to destroy the Justice League.

Justice League #12 - Aquaman Shatters Graves Plan

At first I didn’t like this issue. I thought about it and realized that all the hype of Superman and Wonder Woman’s “moment” took away from the main story. It ended up being the only thing I was looking for since it was spoiled on the cover. Before giving this issue a five, I decided to read it again. It’s a good thing I did because I ended up enjoying it more. There’s a lot of pain, vulnerability, and raw emotion within the League which spills out into the world. So really, I think Graves won. Speaking of, I’d like to see more of David Graves in future comics. I thought he’d be someone the League would fight, put away, and forget about. Graves and his family are far more tragic than that.

The key to the League’s future may rest on Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship. I enjoyed how they connected. I know this super powered relationship has been touched upon in the past, but never like this. There’s a lot of emotion between these two characters that it seems natural that they would become more than friends. I do miss Lois and Clark’s relationship. But I do have to remind myself that this is fiction and things change. There is plenty of drama for future stories and I like the “coming attractions”. Next year should be great for all the Justice League titles.

Justice League #12 - The Kiss!

Overall Grade: 8/10 because of the cover spoiler.


One comment on “Comic Book Review: Justice League #12

  1. I totally agree with your scoring on this issue. There’s a little more than meets the eye, but sometimes the most monumental of spoilers can take away from that. Glad you gave it a second read!


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