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Man of Steel Leaps Past $500 Million Worldwide Faster Then A Speeding Bullet!

By: Adam Basciano

Man of Steel Comic Con Poster!

In it’s third weekend of release the newest Superman adventure Man of Steel collected $20,737,490 at the North American box office.  Amongst ever growing competition, the film remained in the top 5 films currently in theaters. Domestically, the film has now earned an impressive  $248,577,596 in just 17 days.  The film continues to expand in foreign markets, and continues to pull in figures fit for the world’s greatest superhero.  Foreign viewers have contributed $271,700,000 to the films earnings to date.  When added together, the figure illustrates that this new take on a timeless hero appeals to a worldwide audience to the tune of $520,277,596.  Sever key members of the studio commented on the success of the film saying; ““‘Man of Steel’ is an extraordinary achievement by wonderful talents on both sides of the camera. Zack Snyder, along with his cast and fellow filmmakers, created a story that has connected with audiences of all ages and in every quadrant of the world. We are so proud of the film, which has brought a new vision of the man and the myth to those just discovering Superman, as well as lifelong fans.”

(Source: Box Office Mojo, Warner Brothers)


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