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TV Review: Arrow: Season 2 – “League of Assassins”

By: Kyle Shultz

Arrow Title Card 2

“League of Assassins” wow, just wow; I would have to agree with Adam that this is so far the best episode of the series. This episode had so much going for it & delivered on every level. Great acting, great directing, great cinematography, amazing fight choreography, it was an amazing episode. I love Sara/Canary & Oliver/Arrow acting as a team; it works well & shows even more that the writers know how to handle more than one character in the spotlight. The fight choreography in this episode was all well-timed & well constructed. The stunt where Al-Ow-Al caught the arrow from behind his head was an amazing stunt & I honestly went back to watch that one stunt, I don’t know how many times! There are some hits & kicks where I find myself thinking, “I don’t want to be that guy!”

Honestly I expected Sara to reveal herself to her father, Officer Lance, sometime in the season but not this soon, though I do have to say I don’t have a problem with it. That scene where Lance sees Sara for the first time in six years & at first starts to deny it, then they embrace that tugged at the strings of the heart for me. I loved that they focused on Lance more in that scene for his reaction; Paul Blackthorne is a fantastic actor & that scene alone shown the range he has as an actor.


I’m hoping they have Sara come back to Starling City soon & reveal herself to her sister, Laurel, because how they have her now is kind of making me not feel for the character as much as I should. This episode for her was better than last weeks, we actually got to hear something that seemed like she wanted to get off her chest for a long time, & it kind of brought me back to actually caring about her a little more now. Hopefully they get her out of the slump she is in soon because it’s kind of dragging a bit, but again, it improved with this episode.

The flashbacks are well-timed & well sequenced with this episode as well as the fighting & all the stuff I mentioned earlier. I am proud of the fact that they actually began the episode back on the Queen’s Gambit & re-introduced the character of Sara in the form of Caity Lotz. That also shows they care about the fans as well as the characters to take the time & re-film the yacht sequence of the pilot episode, but this time it was in Sara’s perspective. It’s actually almost to the T how Oliver’s scenes were after the yacht sank. Both sequences show the yacht sinking, they both drift for a while until they see their salvation; for Oliver it was obviously the island of Lian Yu, but for Sara it was a boat named “Amazo” where she met a man named Dr. Anthony Ivo, which DC Comics fans should get a kick out of, I know I did.

Battling the League of Assasins

The episode after this one will feature the return of Deadshot, who is one of my favorite characters of DC Comics & this show. It was more centered on Diggle & Russia! It was definitely a good episode in my opinion, but Adam has the review for that one.


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