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The Fantastic Four Reboot Finds Its 4!

By: Adam Basciano

Miles Teller Ultimate Mr Fantastic

I’ve neglected this blog for far too long! With two rather big pieces of Marvel film news dropping recently, I thought now was as a good time to get going again. Fox has its Fantastic Four reboot set for release on June 19, 2015, to be directed by Josh Trank (Chronicle). After tons of rumor and speculation, the film has finally selected its quartet of heroes. Miles Teller (The Spectacular Now) will play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic. Actress Kate Mara (House of Cards), has been selected to portray Sue Storm/ The Invisible Woman. Johnny Storm/The Human Torch will be played by actor Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle). Meanwhile, Jamie Bell (Jumper) will play Ben Grimm/The Thing.

Kate Mara Ultimate Invisible Woman

What do I think of these choices. One word….interesting.  The only actors I’ve really seen in anything are Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara. From the work I’ve seen them in, I have no concerns regarding their talent. It is quite obvious that these actors are younger then the classic versions in the comic books.  This to me suggest that the film may be talking it’s cues from the Ultimate Fantastic 4 line of comic books.  In that series the characters skewed younger, so if that’s what the production is going for, the age of the actors seems fine.  Moving on to the apparent elephant in the room for some comic book purists. I keep reading something to the effect of; “You can’t make Johnny Storm black, but leave Sue Storm white! They’re brother and sister! You’ve ruined the Fantastic 4!”   Clearly this is a change from classic comic book lore, but there is a way you can pull it off. In the movie, Sue Storm & Johnny Storm will either be adoptive brother/sister, or a product of an inter-racial/mixed marriage. So unless you’re telling me those types of relationships don’t count as being brother /sister, then they are still brother and sister. Remember, in the comic books the Joker wasn’t responsible for killing Bruce Wayne’s parents, but the change worked in the context of the story for Tim Burton’s Batman film.

1447280_et_fruitvale_oakland_ALS_ Ultimate Human Torch

I can’t say whether this film will be good or not, but I really like Josh Trank as a director. I like the fact that Mark Millar who wrote a good number of the Ultimate Fantastic 4 comic book issues is creative consultant on the project. It’s also encouraging that the producer of X-Men: First Class, & X-Men: Days of Future Past is on-board the project as well.  Fox is attempting to create a shared universe amongst its Marvel characters, and I hope to see that happen! As someone who thought the Tim Story directed Fantastic 4 films were for the most part, terrible I find it almost impossible that this film can be any worse then those. If it is, heaven help the characters, and us.  I’m holding out hope for Josh Trank and “The Fantastic Four” team.

Jamie Bell Ultimate The Thing

Source: The Wrap, Variety)


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