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The CW Flashes Fans With First Official Image!

By: Adam Basciano


The pilot for The CW’s potential live action television series “The Flash” has either started, or will soon start filming. To avoid any low-res paparazzi photos, The CW has released the first official image of actor Grant Gustin as The Flash…sort of.  The image only shows us the cowl/mask.  Now, I know it’s only part of the costume but….HOLY CRAP does it look great!  It is a very faithful rendition of the comic book version.  I like the use of the darker red! Academy Award Winning costume designer Colleen Atwood,  even found a way to make the lightening bolts on the side of the cowl work, without them standing out like a sore thumb or looking awkward. It’s hard to say what material went into making the costume from this one shot, but it looks similar to the “Daredevil” movie costume.  Assuming the rest of the costume looks as good, DC Entertainment & The CW have done it again. Well done! Flash Fact: I’m excited!

The Flash - Cowl

UPDATE: Here’s a look at Grant Gustin in the full costume in a classic pose. I for one think the costume looks great:

The Flash - Full Costume

(Source: The CW)


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