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Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle Cast For “Gotham”

By: Adam Basciano

Batman & Catwoman Shadow

It took awhile, but Fox has found their young Bruce Wayne.  That’s not all though, as he’ll be joined by Selina Kyle.  To borrow from the marketing of Batman Returns, “Gotham” has now found the trio that would be The Bat, The Cat & The Penguin. Bruce Wayne will be played by David Mazouz (Touch). The character is describes as, “a preteen who has been sentenced to a solitary life after his parents’ tragic murders. The serious and soulful Bruce will rely on the guidance and protection of the loyal Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) and James Gordon (Ben McKenzie).” Meanwhile, Selina Kyle will be played by actress, model, &, dancer Camren Bicondova. (Battlefield America) On the show, the character is described as, ” a teen orphan who is suspicious and wholly unpredictable. A skilled pickpocket and street thief, Selina is pretty dangerous when cornered.”

David Mazouz Camren Bicondova

I haven’t seen any of Camren Bicondova’s work.  Looks wise, I can buy that she would one day become Catwoman.  Her background in dance should help her pull of any potential Catwoman like acrobatics she may have to pull off.  I have seen David Mazouz in Touch.  He had a very difficult role to play, as his character didn’t talk, and had to act and emote with his eyes and facial expressions.  With that, I am confident he can pull off a sense of living a solitary life.  Personally, I look at every film or television adaptation of the mythology as its own Elseworlds story, so I’m excited to see what “Gotham” adds to the Batman tapestry.

(Source: Deadline)


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