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Is The Joker In Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?

By: Adam Basciano

Batman V Superman - Dawn of Justice

As of right now, there is one “traditional” villain in director Zack Snyder’s upcoming (2 years from now….damn it!) “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.” That villain is Lex Luthor, to be played by Jesse Eisenberg. Surely, a film populated by 4 heroic characters, regardless of their respective screen time or function, is bound to have another antagonist.  Rumors have bandied about names like Metallo and Doomsday.  Then actor Callan Mulvey was cast in an unspecified role, supposedly newly created for the film. Since filmmakers lie for secrecy purposes, I believe the actor is playing a comic book character.  The internet went nuts with speculation when the films director of cinematography Larry Fong tweeted a picture of a playing card jammed in a piece of wood/Styrofoam.  Speculation began that this was a hint, that The Joker would appear in the film.  Taking it one step further, one of the guys over a TMZ, is pretty sure that Callan Mulvey is playing the Joker.  His reasoning is because Callan Mulvey has real life scars on his face, and is Australian.  He asserts that this would be a nod/homage to Heath Ledger’s Joker.  Here’s the only fault with that line of thinking….This version of Batman has NOTHING to do with Christopher Nolan’s take on the character. Ergo, any future version of the Joker presented on film, would have nothing to do with the Heath Ledger’s portrayal.

Playing card

Could The Joker be in this film, and could Callan Mulvey be playing him?  Yes, those are possibilities.  Let’s assume the image of the card is in fact an indication that the Joker is in this film, I see 3 possibilities. 1. He’s casually mentioned off hand by Batman. 2. He’s seen in a post-credit sequence that sets up the next solo Batman film, or 3. He’s a full fledged villain in the film along with Lex Luthor a la the animated film from Paul Dini an Bruce Timm. Now, I know that some think it is too soon after Heath Ledger to reintroduce the character to film audiences. When this film is released, it will have been 8 years since Heath played the role.  Besides, even if it were 20 years, any actor playing the character would be unfairly compared to Mr. Leger.  It may even be smart to introduce the character in this film. It would give the actor a chance to just worry about playing the role in a film with another villain, rather then carrying the film as the lead villain. He could then be used in a solo Batman film post “Justice League.” Oh, and if all this conjecture turns out to be true, and Callan Mulvey is announced as playing The Joker, I implore you, don’t go berserk and fly off the handle.  Last time we did that regarding the casting of The Joker, it blew up in our faces.  Wait, see, watch, and then judge.

Joker - Man Wh Laughs  Callan_Mulvey






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