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Charlie Cox Cast As Daredevil!

By: Adam Basciano

Charlie Cox

“Daredevil” will be the first Marvel/Netflix series to be produced, and with a release date of 2015 planned, production is surely ramping up.  Drew Goddard was to direct and oversee the series as the show runner, but his commitment to the “Sinister Six” project for Sony has taken him out of the running. Marvel was quick to fill the void, by hiring Steven S. DeKnight.  His credits include, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Angel”, “Dollhouse”, “Spartacus”, and “Smallville.”  Consequently, I liked all of those shows, so I think “Daredevil” is in good hands.  Not only has the show found its head honcho, it has found its horn-head.  Thespian Charlie Cox has been chosen to bring Matt Murdock/Daredevil to life on the small screen.  The actor has been featured in the film, “Stardust” and the television series “Boardwalk Empire.  While I’ve never seen him act, he’s British, so he must be a good actor.  I mean that country produces good actors like Canada produces good hockey players.  I am one of the few brave and intelligent souls who liked the “Daredevil” film, specifically the director’s cut.  However, I do believe that being back at Marvel, and on Netflix may be best for the character and stories, as the filmmakers will be free of big studio interference, a luxury that the creative team behind the 2003 film didn’t have.  Also encouraging is that current “Daredevil” comic book scribe, Mark Waid, has said he will have some sort of involvement in the 13 episode production.

Daredevil - Guardian Devil

(Source: Marvel, The Hollywood Reporter)


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