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Rosario Dawson & Elden Henson Join Cast Of “Daredevil”

By: Adam Basciano

Rosario Dawson

If you’ve listened to me talk about Daredevil on World’s Best Podcast, then you know that Daredevil is my favourite Marvel character.  You’ll also know, he was the first Marvel superhero I read when I re-entered the comic book world in 2003.  More to the point, I’m one of the few that really enjoyed the “Daredevil” film.  Scoff all you want, I don’t care. I’ve been cheering and excited for the Marvel/Netflix “Daredevil” series since it was first announced.  That excitement continued to rise with the additions of Charlie Cox as Daredevil and Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin.  We can now add two more talented performers to the cast list. Rosario Dawson (Sin City), has joined the series in an unspecified role.  However, her character is described as; a dedicated young woman whose quest to heal the wounds of Hell’s Kitchen brings Matt Murdock unexpectedly crashing into her life, while her own journey forever alters the course of his battle against the injustices of this broken city.”  That could quite easily be a number of characters from the comic books, or a newly created role just for the show. We’ll have to wait and see.

Elden-Henson     Foggy Nelson

Meanwhile, actor Elden Henson (The Hunger Games, Butterfly Effect, The Mighty Ducks) has been cast as a prominent character from the source material.  He will play Foggy Nelson, “Matt Murdock’s best friend and legal partner. In a town full of crime and corruption, Foggy’s friendship to the community and passion for improving it have made him a friend to its many residents from all walks of life.” He’s got a good look for the role.  Plus, how could I not support the casting choice of an actor who played a role in the defining hockey movies of my youth!?  “Daredevil” is slated as a 13 episode series, set to debut in 2015.

(Source: Marvel/Netflix)


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