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Former Superman Brandon Routh Returns To The DC Universe As Ray Palmer/The Atom!

By: Adam Basciano

Arrow Title Card 2

Anyone who knows me, or has heard me on any of my podcasts will know that Superman Returns was not a film I enjoyed.  While there were moments and aspects I enjoyed, I find it to be quite the misfire.  One of the things the film got right, was its Superman.  I though Brandon Routh did a really fine job as Clark Kent and Superman.  Had he been allowed to make the character his own, I think he would have been an absolutely fantastic Superman.  The only sad thing about “Superman Returns” not getting a sequel, is not getting to see Brandon Routh as Superman again.  However, he will be playing another superhero in the DC Universe on “Arrow’s third season in the recurring role of Ray Palmer, aka DC superhero The Atom. He can alter the size of his body as well as other objects. Although The Atom isn’t able to fly like Superman, he can simulate flight a la Wonder Woman.” As for how the character will fit into the “Arrow” universe, TV Line indicates; “An unparalleled scientist and inventor, Ray will play an unexpected role in the lives of Oliver and (rumored love interest) Felicity as the new owner of Queen Consolidated. Palmer’s plans for Queen Consolidated’s Applied Sciences Division will be shrouded in mystery.”

Brandon Routh

I’m not going to lie, apart from appearing in several miniseries, I haven’t read many stories featuring Ray Palmer/The Atom, nor do I think we should ever see him in a big screen film.  The character just isn’t widely popular enough for that. Though, I think it’s a smart move bringing the character to the established and popular television series.  It will be nice to see what Brandon Routh can do with a superhero role, free from the shackles of having to mimic the performance of Christopher Reeve.  Since his turn as Superman, the actor had a small but memorable role in “Scott Pilgrim Vs the World,” and had a guest stint on several episodes of the television series “CHUCK.” The inclusion of Ray Palmer/The Atom on “Arrow” furthers the expansion of the DC Universe on television, which is definitely a good thing.  Also, it means that The Atom, will beat Marvel’s Ant-Man to a live action debut.  And any time DC Entertainment can beat Marvel to the punch causes me to smile a little bit. Season 3 of “Arrow premiere’s Wednesday October 8th, 2014 on The CW.


(Source: TV Line)


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