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The Flash Casts A Captain Cold With Prison Break Experience + Arrow Crossover!

By: Adam Basciano

Wentworth Miller   Captain Cold

Writers such as Geoff Johns and Mark Waid have made the villains of The Flash, some of the most notorious in comic book lore.  So popular, that they’ve formed their own group known as The Rogues.  Leader of The Rogues is a man by the name of Leonard Snart, who goes by the alias of Captain Cold.  As one of The Flash’s flagship adversaries, he will be making appearances on The CW Series.  The producers have cast “Prison Break” actor Wentworth Miller to assume the role.  Executive Producer Greg Berlanti indicated; “We’ll be seeing his origin [story] and the origin of the Rogues.” Wentworth Miller was fantastic on Prison Break”, and I think he’s a great choice for Captain Cold.  As for crossovers with the other CW superhero series “Arrow,” a big event is already in the works. “Episodes 8 of both shows, Arrow and Flash, are going to be a two-hour crossover event.  in Episode 4, Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards] is going to come to The Flash.”

green-arrow-stephen-amell-image  The Flash - Full Costume

Furthermore, Greg Berlanti indicates that, “between Arrow and Flash, we’ll have half the Justice League on our two shows this year.” Two Justice League members that wont feature on either show are Batman or Superman, according to Geoff Johns. “You won’t see Batman or Superman. We’re on production on Batman V Superman now. So you’ll see characters like The Atom or Firestorm, but no not Batman or Superman right now on TV. It’s a separate universe than film so that the filmmakers can tell the story that’s best for film. While we explore something different in a different corner of the DC universe. We will not be integrating the film and television universes.” While this may upset some fans, I’m chosing to view separate DC Universes on film and TV as having your cake and eating it too!

(Source: TV Guide)









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