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The Rock Cast As Black Adam In “SHAZAM”

By: Adam Basciano

The Rock

The guessing game and teasing is over, and one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood is official; Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to social media to confirm that he will be playing villain/anti-hero Black Adam, in Warner Brothers/DC Entertainment’s “SHAZAM” movie.  Not only did the actor himself confirm the news, so did Variety. The COO of New Line, a division of Warner Brothers, made the following statement; “We Love Dwayne and have had nothing but success with him over the years,” said Toby Emmerich, President and COO of New Line. “When I look at Dwayne both off-screen and on-screen, he is such a larger than life character and it just made perfect sense to me that we put him in a DC comic movie. You look at these comic book characters and they have this certain swag and charisma that Dwayne carries with him where ever he is so that’s why this always made sense.”  Now I would have been perfectly fine if The Rock had been chosen to play SHAZAM or Black Adam, but Black Adam is the perfect fit for him.

Black Adam

While no director, or actor for the role of SHAZAM have been chosen, the film does have a writer on board, in the form of Darren Lemke.  Lemke has written for television (Lost, Flashpoint), and has also written film (Turbo, Jack & the Giant Slayer, Shrek: Forever After).  It will be interesting to see who the studio hires to direct.  Don’t be surprised if actors who were former Superman runner ups, come in to test for the role of SHAZAM. For those who don’t know much about the character, “Shazam, aka Captain Marvel, has an alter ego Billy Batson, who can transform into superhero form by saying the words “Shazam,” and then develops the powers of six mythological gods.”

(Source: Variety)



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