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Arrow Nabs Its Ra’s al Ghul + Heatwave Hits The Flash!

By: Adam Basciano

Ras al Ghul  Matt Nable

A few days ago, Liam Neeson revealed that he would be open to returning to the role of Ra’s al Ghul on TV for “Arrow” if asked. Well, he wasn’t asked and the producers went in a different direction, that direction being actor Matt Nable (Riddick). The character of Ra’s al Ghul is described as follows; ” The leader of the League of Assassins and father of Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law), Ra’s is proud and unforgiving. A ruthless strategist, a master of martial arts and a shaper of history, Ra’s carries the wisdom of the ages and protects some of its greatest secrets.”  As for why the producers of “Arrow” didn’t ask Liam Neeson back? Well for one, he’s not in their price range, but also because the show wanted to forge their own path. ” We have a really clever way of doing Ra’s this year that is true to the comic-book origins but different from the way Ra’s was portrayed in the [Christopher] Nolan movies. You don’t want to compete with Batman Begins, even though we’ve always said Batman Begins was a big influence on us.”

Heatwave   Dominic Purcell

Meanwhile on the CW, “The Flash” has created a “Prison Break” reunion of sorts.  In addition to the previous casting of Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold, the show has cast his “Prison Break” brother Dominic Purcell. “Purcell will play Mick Rory, a pyromaniac who finds an outlet for his obsession with fire when he teams up with Leonard Snart/Captain Cold (Miller) and becomes the villain known as Heatwave. This team up of two of the Rogues will occur on the 10th episode of “The Flash.”

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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