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TV Review: Arrow – Season 2: “The Scientist”

By: Kyle Shultz

Arrow Title Card 2

I have to say that when Grant Gustin was first announced to portray Barry Allen in Arrow this season, and I saw him, I instantly had a fan boy moment. “He’s not even blonde! He’s too scrawny! Looks nothing like Allen!” then I had a moment to myself & realized what I said, went back to my normal self and said “He could be good, I’ll give him a shot” and boy was this episode impressive. Not only are we, after 23 years, seeing Barry Allen back on the small screen, but the guy does a damn good job at it too! I love Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, and I cannot see anyone else playing him. Also, with this episode and “Three Ghosts” that follows after it, it took this shows standing as a grounded realistic show to a much better balanced superhero drama. It certainly has upped the superhero on TV schematic to a better game, and this show is, at the time of typing this, only in its sophomore season.

The interaction between Oliver and Barry alone was golden to me. I loved it. Those two have this sort of impeccable timing with each other; I cannot wait to see how they react as Green Arrow & The Flash. The origin behind Barry’s mom’s death was pretty close to the comics and his origin with him getting electrocuted was just about, to the T, except this involved other scientists making a pretty “uh-oh” explosion that caused Barry to get electrocuted. This episode also dealt with the return of Malcolm Merlyn, with him threatening that he wants Thea for his own, since she is his daughter after all. Having Moira knowing about Nanda Parbat & Ra’s Al Ghul shows us that she REALLY is a woman with her hands in many pockets & not a woman to mess with!

 Barry Allen & Oliver

Other than the revelation of Barry Allen existing in this show & Queen’s interaction with him, we also get our first taste of what appears to be a fun villain for Arrow to fight with. His name is Cyrus Gold. For those that don’t know, that is Solomon Grundy’s real name. As I type this, I can hear the bemoaning of fanboy’s saying; “But that’s a Batman villain!” Shush, I say! DC heroes share villains, so it makes sense. Also, the fight sequences Arrow & Gold partake in look really painful! This show needs awards for its fight choreography, one of the best I’ve ever seen in a show before!

 All in all, I feel like this was a great first part to a two part midseason finale. This show really does impress me with each episode as they come out. Until next time people!


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