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TV Review: The Flash – Season 1 Episode 1 – “Pilot”

By: Kyle Shultz


After months of waiting, “The Flash” has finally premiered its pilot episode, and it was beyond amazing. From beginning to end there is not a single moment that drags. I was pleased to see that again director David Nutter was at the helm of yet another DC Comics show on The CW. The first being “Smallville” (For the WB at the time), and the second being “Arrow”; “The Flash” being a spin-off of the latter, with both shows being huge successes in both ratings and reception. The Flash is a sure fire success on The CW, and that is not just me being hopeful.  By the looks of how the ratings ranked the show, it had the best premiere for a show in FIVE years. It is the FIRST show on The CW to pull in 4.79 million viewers in five years on a series premiere. That’s not bad at all; I’d say “The Flash” would be doing damn good on Tuesday’s slot, though I still wish I could have “Arrow” before or after it.

Speaking of “Arrow”, it was nice to see Stephen Amell in the pilot, giving Gustin’s character some words of advice now that Barry is a fully fledged superhero, with a sweet suit and powers. Also, it is awesome having Blake Neely score both “Arrow” and “The Flash.” I love Neely’s score for “Arrow”. I cannot stop listening to the Season Two soundtrack; seriously I’m typing this as I’m listening to it.  It was amazing to hear both “Arrow’s” theme interwoven with “The Flash’s” theme in that little meeting they had. I cannot wait to hear what Blake Neely does with “The Flash”, musically.  His work is beyond awesome; I highly suggest it.

 Weather Wizard

The villain in this episode was an interesting take on a classic Flash villain. It’s a certainly more believable Weather Wizard than how he is in the comics, and has a better get up than his comic counterpart too. I was just kind of disappointed that he was killed off in the end, but oh well, Captain Cold is coming in, who needs Weather Wizard?! The villains/heroes that are going to be coming onto this show are making a 10 year old me scream in joy, and I LOVE it.

 One thing I love the most about the pilot, and I can also go ahead and say this for the show as a whole, is that each individual character gets a good amount of screen time; and they all work real well in the time they’re given. I enjoy each character, though I’m sure Eddie Thawn is a character I’ll soon love to hate. From the moment he was announced as a character in the show, I knew that there would be some very interesting scenes with both Barry and Eddie, sort of in the same vein as “Smallville’s” Clark and Lex & “Arrow’s” Oliver & Merlyn. In the fact that they will either soon face their greatest foe on Earth, or have already been facing their greatest foe, but don’t know who they are behind their mask. I really hope that the show keeps up with this throughout, I can see supporting certain characters more in certain circumstances, but I hope it doesn’t become one of those “well, fans love this character, so let’s keep showing him/them/her!” sort of like how “Arrow” is doing with this whole Oliver/Felicity thing, but that’s for a different review and topic.

 Harrison WellsOne character that has me really interested is the character of Harrison Wells; by name he’s not a character from the comics, although by personality he is. In the comics there is a character by the name of “Hunter Zolomon” who was a friend of Wally West’s incarnation of The Flash and he too was wheelchair bound, he was also the third “Reverse Flash” Is this character THE Reverse Flash of the show or is it Eddie Thawn? Only time will tell, but by the looks of how the show ended tonight, Harrison Wells knows A LOT more than he is letting on. Another character that I like just cause he’s a good actor is John Wesley Shipp as Barry’s father. For those that don’t know, Shipp portrayed Barry Allen in the 1990s on “The Flash”, which aired on CBS’ so think of his role as sort of a “passing of the torch,” and Gustin does a damn good job. Both a huge Flash fan and the original Barry Allen say so.

 It’s clear that Grant Gustin has his two feet firmly planted on that Cosmic Treadmill and can keep up on his own as both a lead character and a believable Barry Allen/The Flash. This show has a much more comic-booky take than “Arrow” does, but it certainly keeps that vibe/tone the same. It’s a comic book superhero show set in a quasi-realistic world. I’m hoping the villains get better throughout the season, as I’m sure they will, after all this was just the pilot for the show, so I didn’t expect any groundbreaking villain. Until next time, folks!

Flash Defeats Weather Wizard

Overall Grade: 9/10



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