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TV Review: The Flash – Season 1 Episode 3: “Thing’s You Can’t Outrun”

By: Kyle Shultz


One of the best qualities about “The Flash” is that, like “Arrow,” it has an ensemble cast & in this episode the supporting cast really drove home a lot of the story this time around. We had our “villain of the week” in this episode, but really with the focus shifting from Barry to the team at STAR Labs, the villain this week didn’t seem too important to the overall story of this episode, at least to me.

The real focus was on Caitlin Snow as this episode introduced us to what happened to Ronnie Raymond & the Particle Accelerator all those months ago & how it affected Caitlin, Cisco, & Wells. Seeing how Caitlin was engaged to Ronnie, it would affect her more than anyone else, & Danielle Panabaker played her part wonderfully. There wasn’t a moment where I didn’t believe her character. Panabaker is definitely a favorite actress of mine; I was thrilled when I read the report of her joining this cast. Like I stated above Ronnie Raymond was in this episode, who is one half of the hero known as Firestorm, who is a very under rated and obscure DC character. It’s weird seeing a character like this finally get a live-action debut, when the most I’ve ever seen him in was Superfriends. Having Ronnie Raymond actually be a mature scientist this time around & not some arrogant high school jock is really different, & really makes me question the reason to even bring in the character of Professor Martin Stein, the other half of Firestorm, as their relationship is this teacher/student dynamic that could be interesting to see on-screen, though by the looks of it, I guess we won’t see that; which isn’t a problem as I’m glad that Firestorm will be in the show & I can finally see him in live action.

The Flash - Team Star Labs

Cisco’s side of the flashbacks was different, as you actually saw Valdes break his comedic exterior for his character and show some guilt, because I’m sure Cisco feels responsible for Ronnie’s death. Cisco closed the blast doors, causing Ronnie to stay on the other side. Sure, Ronnie told him to close those doors, but still Cisco feels guilty about it & seeing him hurting in the flashbacks was different. We always see Cisco as this goofy character, he’s always joking; but now that I see what he went through with Caitlin, it kind of seems that even though he jokes a lot in the present day, maybe it’s used as a sort of defense mechanism. He jokes so no one will see that he still probably feels guilty about closing those doors. Carlos Valdes plays this character really well, he’s never been anything until now, & he does a great job. One thing I have to touch on is seeing Robbie Amell in the show as Ronnie Raymond. I really loved the show “The Tomorrow People” & was upset that it wasn’t renewed for a second season. Robbie impressed me & I felt he could lead a show on his own, now that he’s in this show as Raymond & supposedly The CW is still working on other spin-offs for this Arrow/Flash universe, maybe we’ll see a Firestorm show sometime? Who knows, I can’t wait for Stephen Amell & Robbie Amell interact with each other, no matter how long that will eventually take.

Much like the past two episodes, I still didn’t care much for the villain in this episode, though I have to say the actor did a good job at portraying The Mist, & the actor had a really menacing scowl on him when he wasn’t talking. It made him kind of creepy during some parts of the show. I really enjoyed how Kyle Nimbus had past ties with Detective West, it made their eventual meeting interesting & I was actually pleased with them addressing the whole killing the villain’s thing, and using the thing that once housed the particle accelerator as a prison. Now that I think about that, that is kind of poetic. “Hey, we created you with this device, so we’ll put you in a prison that used to house what gave you your powers.” I like it! One of my all time favorite scenes in this episode was when Barry Allen met his Dad in prison as The Flash. He actually turned to him, & blurred his face out so he wouldn’t recognize him. That was really awesome to see! Another thing that I love is that the writers are recognizing that Barry is more human than he thinks he is, he has limitations with his newfound powers, he’s not Superman. There are times where Barry must rely on brainpower more than actual super powers.

The Mist

The ending to this episode was like a cliff-hanger to a movie We’re now three for three on the “Who is Harrison Wells?” question, and I don’t like that because I have a love/hate relationship with mysteries. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Wells. Next episode features my all time favorite Flash Villain in the form of Captain Cold, and I’m really excited for that episode!

Overall Grade: 9/10


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