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Jeff Wadlow Delivers Kick-Ass Script For “Masters of the Universe” Film To Studio!

By: Adam Basciano

He-Man vs Skeletor

Good film or bad film, wherever you fall on the subject I absolutely loved the 1987 “Masters of the Universe” film, starring Dolph Lundgren as He-Man. While I am immensely fond of that film, even today, there were things lacking in that movie. However, the filmmakers didn’t have the time, money, or leeway to include Eternia, Battle Cat, She-Ra etc. So the news of a reboot of Masters of the Universe, the cartoon and movie I grew up with as a child always appealed to me.

He-Man & the Masters of the Universe #1 Cover

The new film project has gone through development hell for about a decade.  Countless writers and directors have come and gone but the most recent news will hopefully put us one step closer to getting a new film, sooner rather then later. ” Today we can confirm that a fresh Masters of the Universe screenplay draft has been finished by writer/director Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2).” If you take the fun and adventure of the original animated series, coupled with the 2003 reimagined animated series, and the current DC Comic book series you will have the power to create a great film and franchise!

(Source: Screen Rant)


One comment on “Jeff Wadlow Delivers Kick-Ass Script For “Masters of the Universe” Film To Studio!

  1. I *love* the idea of taking what’s good about all that’s come before and putting it together now but here’s the sticking point with me: you can’t have it be like a bunch of smokers got together and imagined He-Man picking pockets, drinking or high on drugs. That’s not him. That’s not what he does or what he’s about. It has to be clean. No BS whatsoever. Its got to be like everyone has found god together. Within reason that’s your target audience if only because its for (big) kids. Even if that means vaguely towing the line like Footloose to keep in step with what’s tolerable. If you watched He-Man at your Grandparents’s house let’s say then you need to respect the property like you would them because chances are the old guys at Filmation first doing the cartoon series *were* their ages. So going forward would mean 110 percent more Batman: The Animated Series and less than zero percent a movie like Half-Baked.


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