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TV Review: The Flash – Season 1 Episode 7: “Power Outage”

By: Kyle Shultz


When the trailer for “Power Outage” aired, I instantly had concerns about the entire episode; those concerns were that Barry losing his abilities in the episode & that this episode focused on two villains instead of one. Pleasantly to my surprise, this show handled both aspects really well. It’s fun seeing these super powered characters be a hero without their abilities, because it goes to show you, it’s not the abilities or gadgets that make the hero; it’s who you are on the inside, heroism runs deeper than any ability or gadget/gizmos that any hero will have. Seeing Barry Allen & Team Flash deal with this & trying to figure out why he lost his powers was fun & interesting. The writers on this show have excelled in that department. The interaction & development between the main characters makes this show, what I like to call, damn good television.

 My second concern was the fact that this episode had two villains, instead of your typical one. Mainly because most shows cannot handle more than one antagonist, but again; I was surprised at how well handled both of the villains were in this episode. Putting The Clock King in this show was cool to see, and really establishes that both Arrow & The Flash definitely do exist in the same universe, as they eventually share the same villains. I’ve always loved The Clock King, at least William Tockman’s incarnation of Clock King, his character has always interested me in the comics & I’m glad that he’s executed well in this universe.


The main villain was another minor DC Comics villain by the name of Blackout. I don’t really know too much about it, though I do believe he was only in the Flashpoint story arc, which led to The New 52 series. I love that the crew behind this show is just taking these small DC characters & sorting them out & using them for both this show & Arrow. Never have I thought Girder, Firestorm, or any other of the relative unknowns of DC’s villains in this show would ever see their limelight on the small screen. Farooq, or Blackout, was really the first villain in this show to have this established sympathetic back-story, and we actually witnessed what happened to him the night of the Particle Accelerator exploding. Michael Revantar definitely gave a great performance with what he had to work with, even though it really wasn’t a lot. I was glad to see that this character wasn’t killed off, he’s definitely someone I’d love to see back.

Speaking of getting killed off, this episode dealt with three villains really, if you want to count Girder’s small return. I knew he would return eventually, but not that soon; and it just goes to show you that the crew knew that Girder was a wasted villain given the fact that they killed him off so soon, though still I wanted to see the fight between Girder & Blackout. It was a nice touch to see Girder & Barry have a sort of heart-to-heart moment before his death.

 Iris Hostage

Wells & Iris’ roles this time around were certainly interesting. Each episode we learn a little more about Wells, but at the same time we get more questions than answers. This episode shown us that he really is about making sure The Flash has a bigger destiny than anyone, especially when Barry’s ability was absorbed from him & that same newspaper from the future was changed because of that. The question of “Who is Harrison Wells?” is ever-growing, & we’ll likely get an answer to that later rather than sooner, maybe by season’s end. I do have to say that in the comics (If I remember correctly) Barry Allen’s favorite author is H.G. Wells, and in this show Barry’s idol is a guy named Harrison Wells, kind of on the nose there, but it’s nice to see that sort of nod. Iris’ scenes were interesting in the fact that she got to play hero for once, and it’s nice seeing her or any other female character being able to handle themselves in the heat of the moment. It was comforting to see Iris not rely on her hero to come in and save the day, she had to do it herself, & that is a great development for her. Though, I do wish the camera would’ve stayed on Iris & Tockman longer, so we could’ve witnessed that scene play out instead of hearing it from afar & just assuming by Tockman’s limp in the next scene that Iris had shot him in the leg, but oh well, just a small problem I had with this episode.

“Power Outage” was certainly a return to form from the previous episode as we got two villains that were really well handled, Harrison Wells’ character is still as mysterious as ever, though his arc continuous to give us answers, no matter how small they are & Barry got a taste of normalcy, which he seemed to hate, I don’t blame him. This episode was definitely a pleasant & satisfying outing for our Scarlett Speedster.

Overall Grade: 9/10



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